Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Rest vs. Rust


If you are familiar with the NBA Playoffs or sports in general, you probably hear this argument tossed around about whether a team gets too much rest or not when they have a long layoff. For instance, if a really good team clinches their playoff series against a team pretty quickly, and the other side of the bracket doesn’t and the team ends up resting for 10 days while the other team only gets two days, what is better for the team? I think it is kind of up to the age of the team. If they are really old, doesn’t rest benefit them more? But if they are young, don’t they want to hop right back in the gym and keep their rhythm?

It happens at least once every year and it seems like the first game of the next series is almost always affected somehow. But what about in real life where 25 year old’s that aren’t getting paid 20 million a year to play for 9 months? Regular 43 year old schmoes that don’t  get to wear shorts to work, or only work 2 or 3 hours a day?

So, which option is better for regular people like you guys?

On the rest side, getting 8 hours of sleep, going on vacations once every month or two, slacking on the weekends and laying on the couch is what gives some people just the right formula of not pulling what hair they have left, combined with not becoming a full time psycho.  But some would argue that it also makes an employee who is always in the break room talking to nobody, sleeping under their desk, or catching snoozes when they are pretending to work. I only know this because of extensive research on OTHER people who do this. You know who you are, “Botter Bain”.

Everything is good now, but what about when you need to actually get back to work?

Everything is good now, but what about when you need to actually get back to work?

On the rusty side, there are these non-stop workaholic types I like to call weirdos that enjoy work that think if they ever sleep at night, or come home before midnight, or take a “lunch break” for more minutes than it actually takes to eat lunch, that think if you take any breaks at all, you are losing out to some invisible competitor. Like a rival company that doesn’t care about you, or a rival co-worker that is going to get the promotion because they are related to the boss, or this imaginary family that keeps calling you at 7 pm wondering if you are ever going to come home. I’m sure someday someone will recognize your hard work, and for that slight moment all your hard work will go for something, but in the rest of the seconds you are alive those won’t mean anything. Enjoy the sleep you won’t even get when you are dead, because you will probably spend 24 hours a day you are dead haunting some Scrooge, or other person that is just as ambitious as you were.

The end is never there for a no restie with no bestie.

The end is never there for a no restie with no bestie.

So which end of the scale are you? One of those lazy rusty buckets that will eventually stop moving, or one of those resties that won’t have any besties?


Bitter Resty Rusty Ben


12 thoughts on “Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Rest vs. Rust

  1. I like your observations and can relate. So many of my coworkers used to brag about never taking breaks and eating lunch at their desks… It drove me crazy.

    It’s not so much a matter of industry vs. laziness for me, as setting an inhumane standard. I doubt that hungry overstressed workers are better workers. I’m against pointless suffering on general principle.


    • Yeah, general suffering is kind of against my nature. Speaking of suffering, I just rented Fallout 4 (we got a free rental from Redbox) and while I knew that 24 hours with it wouldn’t be near enough to even get a sprinkling, I did make it to the next town over before having to give it back. I think I will wait until the “special edition” comes out with all the DLC and at a cheaper price before I get it though.


  2. I am definitely on the workaholic side. Especially since I still have a temporary, PT job, and seriously need something permanent. My motivation is less about invisible rivals, and more about being a single parent to 3 growing kids who need things like food and clothes and dental fillings. Those things require money, which I don’t have. But I figure that if I keep focusing on consistent hard work, then it will pay off in a good job offer.


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