Turbo Charged Friday Giftures


Wreck-It Ralph is one of my favorite movies not only because it’s about video games, but because it’s all about villains. The weird thing is that Ralph lives out in a brickyard all alone and for some reason wants to hang out with other people. Not sure why he would want to be around other people. I think he had it pretty good all alone with his brick blanket.

Then there was Turbo. Villains don’t come more highly decorated than him. First, he’s starts out as the Candy Kingdom king. He steals memories of glitches, wins races by cheating, but more importantly he starts a term in the arcade world. Imagine doing something so crazy, that the citizens of your country refer to your treachery and traitorness  lead to a whole new term called “going Turbo”. Imagine if I had a meltdown so epic and unexpected that people named that act “Going Bitter Ben”. Alas, I can only dream of such an honor being bestowed on me. In the meantime, let’s check out some Bitter Friday Giftures.

Let’s just throw out this turbo charged fella….


…and see if he sticks.

Let’s try to hammer out the details…


…without everyone getting so explosive.

Sometimes you’ve got to make that change…


…and sometimes you have to be a Smooth Criminal.

I know when you get stuck at home…


…sometimes you want to just climb the walls…

But sometimes it’s not about what you don’t have…


…but what you do have.

Sometimes Jedi mind tricks are enough…


…and sometimes they aren’t.

Sometimes you swing for the fences…


…and realize that you aren’t playing baseball, but trying to do gymnastics.

Sometimes you are parkour expert…


…and sometimes you are the guy that can’t even stand on the wall.

Who was the monster….


…who woke this poor girl up before noon?

Oh that’s right…


…it was you, wasn’t it?

In honor of National High Five day…


…we can’t forget the experts in high fiving.

Well, it looks like…


…someone was impressed.

Well, I guess the terms “Going Bitter Ben” never caught on, but we should start calling betraying someone “Going Solo” if you know what I mean (nerdy Star Wars reference for those of you who have seen it). You know who besides that cat above that is impressed by this post? You’re right. No one.


Bitter Ben Going Turbo Ben

20 thoughts on “Turbo Charged Friday Giftures

  1. I am LMAO at that last comment. I’ve seen that video circulating on FB and thought I was the only one unimpressed by whatever that cat is looking at (Klepto Kitty and the Solid Gold Puzzle Fish?) If a lowly mailman can popularize the term “going postal” I think “going Bitter Ben” has a chance. 🙂


  2. Who says Going Bitter Ben isn’t a thing?? Let’s make it a thing! I know I personally will be Going Bitter Ben all weekend plus posting annoying posts all over social media about how I’m Going Bitter Ben and how everyone else should too! It’s going to break the internet!!


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