Do not publish file


some post ideas that I’m just spitballing, but don’t ever publish this.

Kin Kardashian – should I tell them that I actually secretly have a crush on her and I watch the show all the time and only attack her so they don’t really think I like her?

ISIS – why are people talking about them invading America? Are they a new and upcoming band? Are they femail because like ISIS is a girls name right? or do the letters stand for something? do reserach on Wikipedia…

Politics this year – I’m really liking Jeb Bush. I mean it’s pretty clear he’s gonna win right? The Bushes always win and his borther and dad will go on the champaign trial with him right?

SHould I ask them if I should start a Kickstarter for my new book about Pizza? should I try a serious post, or just keep being “Bitter Ben”. Will they take the idea more serious if I act more serious…

Just heard Adele’s new song, “Hello” – After listening ot the words, it seems like this could be her answering machine. Could I do a whole post around this joke?

Shoudl I reveal my true Identity? I mean I’ve been doing this guy Bitter Ben for a while now, but even if I do my best writing, Do you even think they will even believe I’m J.K.?

That one time I locked myself in my son’s room and had to jump out the window at 4 am and ended up gouging a tree root into my foot.

I read something about the internet runnign out of space. Do you think that could really happen? Would tha mean no one could visit my blog anymore?

I hope no one ever finds out that I…

I want to be a personal trainer that helps people gain weight.

Why do people that play instruments look liek they are having a siezure?

Meeting people for the first time is cool, because you can imagine in your mind that is will be the last time you ever see them.

Do you think that people’s dreams should be able to be put on a screen and then they have a website like Rotten Tomatoes where people can rate the dreams like a movie?

Sociopath media – Like social media for sociopaths? Could It work?

stoop scoop – a name for a magazine about stoopid people.

Repetition bitterness – a post about all the things are so repetitive. Like my blog

Problems are like energy, they never get solved, they just get transferred to another person, or transformed into another problem

The word fresh is way overused, so ironically it isn’t fresh.

That one time I started a food fight in the cafeteria in college, and the other time I got sucker punched by someone too.

That one time that Firday the 13th was supposed to suck, but didn’t really.


34 thoughts on “Do not publish file

  1. “Problems are like energy, they never get solved, they just get transferred to another person, or transformed into another problem.”–I think I’m going to make a meme out of this and put it on a t-shirt! Thanks Einstein!


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