Nap and Food Bitter Friday Giftures

I believe that some people are taking this long Labor Day weekend off a little early by taking Friday off (jerks) and of course, that makes me bitter. There are a lot of reasons why you should not take off early, but I can’t think of any.  This means I will be stewing in my bitterness, while you are out slazing(a slacking/lazy hybrid) out the day.  I know that you will probably be doing these things anyways, but it is much more fun to be trying to slack off at work, than at home where you are wasting precious hours off from work.  You know what I am talking about.  Friday is always about food and food on Friday is always pizza.


...I'm a pizza.

…I’m a pizza.


I declare April the winner…

...of whatever pageant this is.

…of whatever pageant this is.


Just a little test…. see how we will get along.

…to see how we will get along.



There’s nothing like a nap…

...where you get to dream about what you love.

…where you get to dream about what you love.


Looks like Beyonce…

...something Beyonce is good at.

…finally found her true calling.



After a pizza delivered by Beyonce….


….nothing is better than two naps.


When they deliver the food… better be hot.

…it better be hot.


There’s not better way to take a nap…


…than in complete denial.



I’m so hangry…

...I could eat mah face.

…I could eat mah face.


I’m so tired…

....I could sleep through class.

….I could sleep through class.


How about we end the day…


…with a desertcap.


And a nice all day…

...a nice dirt nap.

dirt nap.


Until next time, Labor Day Early Leavers.  I hope your car breaks down, it rains on your parade, and your pizza and naps make you feel guilty, unlike how it will make me feel.






27 thoughts on “Nap and Food Bitter Friday Giftures

  1. OMG! I’m not sure which one to like best today. I thought I loved the one of Homer dreaming about napping, but then I saw the girl eating her own face, and the other one bonking her head on the desk, and it was a toss-up.

    Hope you had a wonderful …oops…bitter labor day 🙂


  2. I live in the UK, so every day is Labor day. And early leavers day. But I gotta say… Beyonce pulling a pizza out of her hair was awesome. Could live without her music, but if there was pizza involved, I could steel myself and put a ring on it. The pizza, that is… not Beyonce.


  3. Okay, so I’ve been sitting here for months wondering why everyone goes on about Beyonce like she’s the freaking supreme empress of the galaxy, but now I get it. Bitch can pull a pizza out of her weave like that and then shake it like it ain’t no thang. All hail Queen Bey!

    Where do you find these gifs? Fantastic!


  4. My husband took today off – and both him and the kid were out like-a light when I left for work this AM. I briefly hated them…but, I got over it….
    And now, I am spending the last 10 minutes in my office, before the much needed 3 day weekend (of laziness) reading your blog.
    I’m really stickin’ it to the man…
    Favorite Gif Of Friday Goes TO……………………Nap Pageant Girl. She’s honest and pretty.

    PS…Every single one of my days ends with a dessert cap.

    Happy [bitter] Friday, Friend.


  5. I didn’t even know it was labor day weekend! I was supposed to go camping but never really planned anything (laziness) and now I’ll be spending the weekend doing laundry and drinking natty ice. Damn labor day… I always forget about it.


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