Tired Friday Gifture Bitterness

I don’t know if it is the fact that daylight savings time happened this week, or that the fact that I have been asked to do work at my job this week, or that I just decided to not sleep this week, but I’m tired.  The only tired I want to do is Retired.  And I’m not talking about the tires on my car.   Since Retired is like 30 years away, I offer you my tired look at the Giftures of the Week.  Now I’m tired of introducing the Friday Giftures, so just look at them instead of reading anymore.  Here you go.

I’m too tired…

I give up

…to finish this thing without the proper tool that “accidentally” fell out of my hand.

I’m too tired….


…to do some exercise.

Way too tired…

...to stop in traffic.

…to stop in traffic.

I’m even too tired…

...or to even use my brakes.

…to use my brakes.

I’m too tired…

...to fight it anymore.

…to fight it anymore.

I’m way too tired…

to dance.

..to be dancing.


Definitely too tired…

to walk forward.

..to walk on the moon.


Way too tired…

...to hang out today.

…to hang out today.



So tired of…


..trusting anyone to catch me without cracking each other's skulls.

..falling for other’s people shenanigans(and their cracking each other’s skulls.)


Way too tired….

...of my car.

…of my car.


Definitely tired…

...of the snow.

…of the snow.


But most of all…


...for work.

…I’m tired of work.


Join me in being tired of crap.  Tell me what you’re tired of in the comments so I can pretend to listen to it.


Bitterly Tired Ben


71 thoughts on “Tired Friday Gifture Bitterness

  1. I’m tired of Spring Break! Only a theme park Castmember would say that….right? We’re starting week 5 of 7 weeks of spring breaks and I wanna scream! But I do it at home underwater in my pool rather than at our wonderful Guests ‘coz they pay our salaries!!! (just venting) Why did Easter have to be sooooo late this year? I need a vacation from everybody else’s vacation!!!!!!


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  3. I’m tired of trying to drive while using my brakes. Why should I have to move my feet in all different directions? I practiced driving with no brakes on my way home-but I think I lost the people who were following me and using brakes. I think they were mad. hah. I am also tired of rain. And spaghetti. And the tee shirt with the stain that keeps showing up in my laundry that I thought I threw out. And…well, there are a lot of things but I’m tired of typing.


  4. hell, I’m too bitter to compete with a master so I’ll just say a bitter thank you for liking “Mountains, Oceans and Gods” on papermudandme.wordpress.com. But My question is, “How can anyone who is so marvelously bitter like anything?” Oh, well, thanks anyway and Aloha – pjs.


    • I don’t like the fact that I have to “like” someones posts. I want to tell them that it makes me bitter, but the like button is the only thing that is offered. Where’s my bitter button?


  5. I’m tired of work too. I worked four hours overtime last night (on a Friday!) and about a half an hour every other day of the week. I anticipate much of the same next week, since I’ve got a big project coming in.


  6. Fun post–when is the guy with the huge gut due to give birth? I guess I’m tired of being cold and wearing my very thick bathrobe from when I get home until I have to go outside because I’M SICK OF THE COLD AND $@&^ING SNOW!!

    Thanks for listening, Ben. Have a nice weekend. Rest up, willya? 😉


  7. I did not see that skull crack coming! Ouch! And why is Mila Kunis so coy while she exercises? But the best one was definitely the MJ impersonator choosing to be smooth during Hurricane Katrina. He is the anti-bitter!


  8. I’m like waaaay tired of watching shaven beer-belly singing guy and his weird dancing homeys… I’ve watched it now like 50 times. Man, I’m tired of it… Ok, maybe once more won’t kill me…. aaaah! My EYES! Ok, just once more, just to be sure it’s really that bad…


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