Evil Genius Bitterness

As an evil genius who is also bitter I am always looking for minions, but lately I haven't been able to find the quality of minnions that is required to do all my work while I laugh maniacally.  My old channels of finding minnions just isn't working out so I decided to try the old … Continue reading Evil Genius Bitterness

My bitter Brain

I'm fed up.  I'm tired of it all. The bossiness, the neediness, the selfishness, the rudeness and the constant joking at my expense. I have been doing what my brain has been telling me for let's see...my whole life.  It's time for a change, a revolt, an uprising or a bitter protest.  For some reason my brain … Continue reading My bitter Brain

Bitter Mice Continued

It has come to my attention that in my haste to post bitterness about mice, I have left quite a few out.  It is because of this mistake that in my bitterness I include some left out.  My apologies to Stuart Little who was left off the list.  It is because he is part of … Continue reading Bitter Mice Continued