Evil Genius Bitterness

As an evil genius who is also bitter I am always looking for minions, but lately I haven't been able to find the quality of minnions that is required to do all my work while I laugh maniacally.  My old channels of finding minnions just isn't working out so I decided to try the old … Continue reading Evil Genius Bitterness

First ever authorized guest bitter poster! Bitter Bachelor!

      From loyal bitter blog follower Bitter Bachelor: "Do you remember when you had a best friend, and you use to do everything together?  You were both single and enjoying the single life? You did a number of single things together, like talk for hours, go to the movies, hangout out each others house … Continue reading First ever authorized guest bitter poster! Bitter Bachelor!

Debate bitterness

As a casual non observer of both the presidential debates and the VP debates I feel that I am qualified to give you a take on who won.  It is because of my experience with gleaning little bits of information from Twitter and comments made on Facebook and of course Wikipedia, that give me a clear … Continue reading Debate bitterness

The bitter environment

The environment makes me so bitter.  I understand this is not going to make me popular because the environment is such vital, protected thing.  Everyone loves the environment.  It can do no wrong.  The trees give us oxygen so we can breathe.  The ozone layer protects us from cancer and rabies and flesh eating viruses … Continue reading The bitter environment

Bitter Mice Continued

It has come to my attention that in my haste to post bitterness about mice, I have left quite a few out.  It is because of this mistake that in my bitterness I include some left out.  My apologies to Stuart Little who was left off the list.  It is because he is part of … Continue reading Bitter Mice Continued