Bitter football heading of the week

Eli Manning

Don’t Crack Now

A slumping QB and bitter loss beg the question: Are the once-hot Giants in trouble? Dan Graziano »O’Connor: Eli must rebound »Clayton: Separation Sunday »Luck vs. Tannehill »Week 9 »


The answer to that question is I don’t care.  I could care less about the Giants or the Steelers.  What I do like is the bitter lunatic look on the Manning brother above.  I wish I could see that look more in the NFL.  Every week should be a bitter loss for someone that feels like they should have won.  Every week in every sport.  How about the Lakers for being bitter that they didn’t go 82-0 with their so called superteam?  Or the Heat for losing to the New York Knicks.  I mean they are the World Champion Heat.  More like world Chumpions.

Please, ESPN, or Fox Sports, or CNNSI or whatever websites out there that cover sports on their websites, please I need to see more tales of bitterness and how people never forgive a player that snubbed them or a bitter old athlete that didn’t get enough money or can’t forget the one time where they should have won the championship because of one shot or another didn’t go through or one field goal wasn’t kicked or they weren’t in the right conference and couldn’t get into the BCS.  I feel like you are letting down a whole part of the population who craves for bitterness in sports.

Stop making me so bitter.


Bitter Ben

One thought on “Bitter football heading of the week

  1. Thank you for picking a picture like that for bitterness. The only thing it’s missing is Peyton Manning having a hissy fit on the sidelines because the kicker missed a field goal. Never mind that he should have done his own job in the first place. Anyway, football, or any sport a perfect place for bitterness. But the commentators really need to get on board with that, they’re way too chirpy and cheerful.


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