Monday Night football referee bitterness

Looks like the Seahawks clearly had this one.

As some of you might have seen, there was a football game last night.  Sometimes they decide to break from the normal of playing on Sundays and play a game on Mondays.  Why?  Who knows.  Football is such a rigid and rules based league.  Every little thing you do wrong is penalized.  So anyways, the reason I was so bitter was because there was so much venom towards the refs, because they got maybe two plays called incorrectly.  I work at a job and I spend all day doing credits, most of them are mistakes that cost people money.  Other people that I know make mistakes all day long and I don’t see the country up in arms because they made a few errors.  In fact, my job would be so much less busy if I didn’t have to clean up other people’s mistakes.

I went on twitter yesterday and saw people making statements like the end of football is going to happen soon.  And the apocolypse going to happen maybe the next day.  I don’t know what the big deal is.  I’m thinking about $150 million were lost on this mistake.  They people that gambled on the game got what they deserved.  You shouldn’t be gambling on some random Monday night game anyways.  There are hardly any facts about the game, so how are you supposed to make an informed decision?  

I’m kind of glad that football is going to be over soon.  They have been king of sports this country for too long.  Basketball is bitter and tired of not being as popular as football and now I think it is Basketball’s turn to be king.  And now soccer can have its name back since American Football stole it from them.  I still won’t watch soccer/football, because it is boring.  But I can’t begrudge it having its name back.  What did it do to deserve that? 

So I want to thank the refs and the Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers for having such a bitter effect on football.  Football, may you rest in bitter peace.


Bitter Ben


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