Bitter Leftovers – Things you should probably say no to

Your aunt’s leftover pea soup.

Encyclopedia salespeople.

A space shuttle flight to beautiful sunshiny sun.

A Periscope of your friends surgery.

Wanna try new garbage scented Mouthwash

Indoor fireworks.

Casual high speed chase on Thursday at 5 pm on the 405.

Pumpkin Fight.

To being Elon Musk’s insurance agent.

Wanna be a cat scratching post?

Wanna see what happens in you stick your hand in the fan?

Wanna go to work tomorrow?

Wanna go on a road trip to Russia?

On the Bachelor: Will you marry me?

Wanna help me clean up some cow patties?

Can my kids come over for a few hours?




Scary stories.


Or whatever.



Hey, you should check out this Ben’s Bitter Blog.


Bitter NO’zzz Ben



59 thoughts on “Bitter Leftovers – Things you should probably say no to

  1. Our pet rabbit would like you to know he disapproves of saying no to him. And to emphasize the point, he is really quite large for a rabbit. He’s bigger than I was through about fourth grade.


  2. What?! I always say yes to encyclopedia sales people because at one for $20 or two for $50, how could you NOT find a better deal?! Also, there’s definitely not something like the internet where you can find out about everything that happened ever. Encyclopedia’s are never going to be obsolete.

    On a non-sarcastic note, I love your blog! 🙂


        • Not your bad at all. Just funny how comments can evolve from one tiny thing and can move and sway. I’ve found myself even repeating things I said when I don’t pay attention to the thread. Oh well, makes for some interesting thoughts! And nice pun there with your last name by the way.

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        • I’m a big advocate of the pun and think they should be used on a regular basis. I applaud your integration of it, and am glad that I was able to pick it up. In fact, I do a game that me and my best friend did in college all the time in which we would knock on a girls door, start pointing at objects in the room, using puns with them, then quickly leaving. I still do it to this day, but without going to a girl’s apartment, just doing it around the house. It will either infuriate people or make them laugh. I enjoy either reaction.

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        • I might have told you this before, but I like the way your brain works good sir.

          Also, I know it’s spelled right because I rely on that little red line like I’m on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” and the red squiggles are a lifeline. I was wondering about the aught/ought but I think one’s just British. I’m still refusing to Google it for some reason.

          Also, I would have said Cash Cab instead of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire but it’s Canadian and I’m not sure anyone else would get the reference. If you have access to Cash Cab, watch that show. It’s amazeballs. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire sucks.


        • Bitter minds think alike? I think I heard that expression somewhere.
          As far as I’m concerned a word is spelled right if there is no read line. And it also means it is the most brilliant word ever used in the situation. See why we are so good at writing?
          Is Cash Cab where that host picks people up and quizzes them for cash and if they get three wrong they have get out and pay their own tab? Yes, I’m also cheering for them to get them wrong so they have to get out and find a new cab or huff it.

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        • That’s the one!! I’m always rooting for them to stay in the cab, partially because I’m Canadian and therefore innately nice, but also because I’m usually playing against them in my living room and I’m crazy competitive. I wanna see it through to the end.


        • Ah, so you are the one that wants to get the answers right then yell at the contestant that they are an idiot for not knowing that! But doesn’t it make you bitter that you could have been the one in the cab getting the money? Just sayin’. And yeah, you Canadians are so nice. Thank goodness for you or the US would float off into the ocean for our meanness.

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  3. What, nobody commented adding things you should say no to? I personally should have said no to the second hot dog with dinner, but that is hardly humorous. If a woman wants you to have an affair with her and kill her husband, you should probably turn her down (I got that from an episode of “Snapped,” several episodes, in fact). I’ll comment again if I come up with more.


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