Bitter News From the Couch Vol. 2

There’s nothing better than waking up early on a Sunday, sun is shining, birds are chirping, a cool breeze coming in through the window and you feel in your bones it is going to be a great day, and then you turn on the TV and the news comes on.  Oh, yeah, I forgot, the news is always a sunshiny and happy.  Well, not on my watch.  Not only am I going to deliver the news in as lazy a way as possible, but also as bitterly as possible.  So sit back, enjoy your eggs, and be view some Bitter News from the Couch…again.



8 thoughts on “Bitter News From the Couch Vol. 2

  1. I really think you should have edited out the part where you were yelling at me about the snacks and the teleprompter, but I did make it look much better so you should definitely give me a raise. Also, I will gladly take over your hosting duties in exchange for you no longer paying me all that money to be your assistant. I know I will be getting a really fat salary from the B.E.N. network anyway. (By the way, my son has been watching your broadcasts over my shoulder and giggling like a hyena. What would you recommend?)


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