Bitter Scavenger Hunt Giftures

Raise of hands here.  Who could have been about 15 times more efficient at work with one or two pieces of vital information that was either not given freely or hidden from you by an annoying co-worker? Yep, that is me raising my arm bitterly and furiously like Hermoine in a Defense against the Dark Arts class.  All week I’ve been furiously chasing down the mythical beast called a piece of information I needed so I could get my job done.  Today, I plan on not doing that to myself and just eating my typical pizza and pretending I lost my vision and hearing.  I am however, going to send you on a Scavenger Hunt of sorts, so you can find a clue for something.  Hidden within the words describing the gifs today will be a couple of words and if you find them you will find a clue to something…So, adventurer, be bold and go forth and figure out the clues…or just be lame and go on with your bitter day.  The clue for the message for the brave adventurers will be at the end of the post, so get reading and gifturing you Bitter Scavenger Hunters….

Just as this week has gone…


…one mess just lead to another mess.


...and ended with a thud.

…you just need to get a clue.

Sometimes finding clues…


…is like taking candy from a baby.

Sometimes clues…


…come out of nowhere.

Sometimes finding clues…


…are really hard work.

Sometimes finding a clue…


…is like the luckiest thing ever.

And other times…


…you barely survive the hunt.

Sometimes you think you are going one way…


…only to find out they were supposed to go the complete opposite way. 

Don’t go too far off course…


…or the wheels will start falling off. 

Sometimes… realize you're going to need a bigger boat, because of your failure to launch.

…you realize you’re going to need a bigger boat, because of your failure to launch.

And if you don’t have the courage of a Dauntless…


…you probably won’t get the right training….

And miss out on the clues…

...and you will narrowly avoice life.

…that help you avoid sure death.

Alrighty, still with me? The scavenger hunt is very simple.  Find the following letters, put them in order and spell out a phrase…  Then keep that phrase in your bitter little heads because that is a clue for something later.  Bitter Scavengering!

First Three letters of the first word are in the near miss car accident gif, first three letters in the caption right after the ellipses.

Next letter in the word is the 5th letter in the near miss train gif…

Next letter is second letter in the train diver gif…

Next and final letter of the first word is the 12th letter in the caption of the Mr. Bean stealing candy from a baby gif…

Now take a pause and put a space between…and find the letter that begins and ends the word that intros gifs 2,3,4,5,6,8 and 10.

Next is in gif 9.  Letters 8&9 of gif 9 in fact.

If you haven’t put together the two words yet, either you or I have gone horribly wrong, but here is the clue for the last letter.  In the soccer failure gif, the first letter of the third word after the ellipses.  If you have found the word and care, go ahead and leave it in the comments, and you will have something to be bitter about.  Or you will begin to understand how frustrating this week was.


Bitter Cryptic Scavenger Hunt Ben


66 thoughts on “Bitter Scavenger Hunt Giftures

  1. Love the Hermione shout out! She was a brilliant bitterite, although she was too clever to let most people catch on to her inner bitterness. Only a few caught glimpses of her bitter heart:

    “Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have.”


    • We all know that Harry is a little bitter because of the parents dying and the aunt, uncle and cousin he had to live with and Ron for being one of the younger Weasly’s, but Hermoine she is kind of an underrated bitter girl. I guess when your parents are muggles and you have to erase their memories of you, that kind of is pretty cruel and something to be bitter about.


      • Totally underrated! Erasing your parents’ memories of you is definitely bitterness-inducing. And Neville, with his parents being cursed, losing his frog, and generally being an awkward human being… Harry Potter is full of under appreciated bitter witches and wizards!


  2. But wait…what’s coming soon? A movie? A new Harry Potter book? The aliens? We go through all this effort and now you’re just going to leave us hanging? :O So uncool!


  3. Alas, this is too much work for me the day after I dropped my son off at college. The most I can muster is staring blindly at the screen and typing a few words. As a bitter man, I think you’ll understand.


  4. My head is hurting already Bitter Ben! I already spent 5 minutes of my morning reading your insipid blog and now you want me to go on a scavenger hunt? Maybe when I have more time for this…like when I’m at work and getting paid for my personal time.


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