Frustration Friday Giftures

Nothing is more frustrating than expecting something good and getting something bad.  Like when you expect to skip a rock, but not only does the rock not skip, but you throw it way short and it richochets off a bigger rock and it bounces back and hits you in the knee and causes you to go to surgery.  Or when you expect to read a book and learn something, but instead someone interrupts you to tell you that your leg is on fire and you ignore them because you are trying to read a book and learn something, and the fire on your leg spreads to the carpet and the rest of the house and people keep being loud and interrupting your reading and then you start coughing really bad and you can’t breathe.  Then, one of your pages gets singed and you stand up to yell at everyone for interrupting you and half your house isn’t there.  So frustrating that you can’t read a book in peace.  Here are some other people that were frustrated this week.

This guy was so frustrated….


...was so frustrated

…because he couldn’t decide which bowl was covering the Ace.


This guy was frustrated about his ride being late…

...because his ride finally came through.

…but he’s okay now, because his ride came through.


This guy was really frustrated with his ice bucket challenge…


…because there was no ice and no bucket.


This guy was all fired up today…


...cause it was a little warm out today.

…cause it was a little warm out.


This guy was a little frustrated with his favorite football team…



…the St. Louis Rams.


The rams were a little frustrated with their favorite jousting team…


…the United States Humans.


The truck was a little frustrated…


…because its engine seemed to be running a little cool.


This gang was a little frustrated…

...couldn't get a punch in.

…couldn’t get any punch at the party.


This car was a little frustrated…


…because the freaking CHECK ENGINE light kept coming on.


This guy was frustrated….


…because he kept getting off track.


This guy is frustrated because all his debts…


…are putting him deeper in the hole.


This guy is frustrated because…


…he’s not a big fan of ceilings.


And I’m frustrated because I’m not at home taking a nap.  And that it isn’t pizza time yet.  And that my hair hurts.


Bitter Frustrated Ben














35 thoughts on “Frustration Friday Giftures

  1. The ice bucket one was my favorite because he thought he was so cool for using a tractor to do his bucket challenge and then he totally nailed it. I was so tired of those dang ice bucket challenges- if someone did a reel of ice bucket challenge fails I would watch it over and over and over…. Thanks for helping me realize how hard I laugh at other people in pain. #bitterwinning


  2. The guy in the “man skirt” (otherwise known as a kilt), sporting a shirt with the number 4 on it…trying to kick a pigeon, a bird with a brain the size of a grain of rice. I guess we know which animal in this scenario wins!


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