Random Friday Picture Bitterness

Every time I look in the mirror.  It's a gift.

Every time I look in the mirror. It’s a gift.


Who is bitter that they are at work right now?  That’s right, this guy(me, Bitter Ben). In order to ease the pain for no one, I continue to post every Friday, pictures stolen from other people for your antimusement.  So don’t enjoy.  Just remember.  I SEE BITTER PEOPLE.


That must be so hard for the people in Sweden.

In America, it isn’t always forbidden.  We have criminals roaming Hollywood Hills all the time. Who can blame them though?  Their jail cells weren’t even 3500 square feet, with a jacuzzi and maid service.  How are they expected to live in such squalor?  They have to work really hard saying words into a camera and that can be exhausting.   How can they be expected to make it through the day without snorting things and getting revenge on critics that didn’t like their acting?

2:30 in the afternoon is so early in the morning!

2:30 in the afternoon is so early in the morning!

One time when I was in college I woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon and I was so tired.  How am I expected to get up that early?  On a Saturday, if I get up before 1 pm, then I run the risk of doing something productive.

Guess he shouldn't have interupted her text.

Guess he shouldn’t have interupted her text.  Either that or he was just helping her perfect her swing.

You know when you are with you significant other and you are just sitting there content, staring at each other?  She looks at you, you look at her.  There is an understanding in your eyes, so you lean in for the kiss and she slaps you?  She claims that there was a mosquito on your face and she was worried about you getting a mosquito bite.  I’m positive that is the exact reason why she did it.  It had nothing to do with the fact that you were on the couch while she was cleaning the house all day.  It is totally out of love that she saved you from that mosquito bite.

Have a bitter Friday.  May you see bitter people all week like I do, even if it takes looking in the mirror.


Bitter Friday Ben


43 thoughts on “Random Friday Picture Bitterness

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  4. I’m so glad at the beginning of this post when you said “That’s right, this guy” you clarified it to your audience by letting us know in parentheses that it was you, Bitter Ben, that you were talking about. Duh. Sorry, I’m a little bitter. I’ve been at the hospital all week.


    • Along with being bitter I am also really good at pointing out the obvious. You should see how good I am at helping people that know exactly what they are doing. Oh and get out of the hospital. They are not good. See how helpfully obvious I am?


  5. I’m bitter that I’m NOT at work right now. I never want to be there, until they close the frigging office for two days due to remodeling and then I realise how much quieter it is there than at home. BITTER.


  6. It’s now Friday night and I’m bitter that some precious weekend has already slipped by… It’d be fun to slap someone to relieve my bitter feelings a bit, but there’s no-one slappable within reach (and I’m not leaving the couch for nobody!)


  7. I think people in Sweden would love your blog. Based solely on one novel and a contestant on Project Runway, I think the Swedes are completely cheerless. Except when it comes to Alexander Skarsgaard.


  8. I love the video slap! You can tell it was done out of love because it was so unexpected. He leaned into that slap. He embraced the slap. Gosh. I’m unexpectedly bitter about not being able to remember the last time I did that myself. Showed that kind of love. Very bitter.


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