In case you missed the Bitterness…

Some Friday Bloopers and Work Advice….

The Inaugural Hall of Bitterness inductees were dishonored in my 200th post….

The US News and World Report Bitterness Best US College was debunked….

Some tweets…

Bitterest comments of the week…

If I knew when to quit, I would have died 40 years ago. :-)Floridaborne

You should have gone to art college like me, BB. It’s more like a four-year extension of adolescence. And nobody can flunk you, because obviously you meant to do that and nobody else understands your genius. – Sisternan

I think Voldemort’s nose should have its own entry(to the Hall of Bitterness). – Katie

How about a video about a Bitter Guy and his Bitter Dog…

And couldn’t pass up this gif again…

It's Friday at 3:25 and you are asking me to do what?


54 thoughts on “In case you missed the Bitterness…

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  7. Sorry I haven’t been around to read your posts! Things have gotten kind of swamped with school starting again (and all the college partying of course!). But I love your tweets! You have one brand new follower.


  8. i was quoted??? *runs away
    I’ve met that lady in the gif. She does political commentary for CNN. (ok, kidding. But it could be, couldn’t it?)


  9. that’s why sports bore me.there are so many monotone voices…especially in golf..okay we have a squirrel on the green.he’s searching for that acorn….but you said athletes.there are lots of reasons for monotone , but it also can mean a sociopath. i want to check the tape on the one’s that shot their girlfriend’s now.


  10. Love this blog, it makes me laugh. Which just confuses everyone around me. And scares them. First I curse and scream at the TV – Go Chargers! -then I read your blog -HaHa ha etc…- then I see everyone crammed in the kitchen talking in low voices. Bitter? Who me?


    • I was actually going to just put up all my comments, because they are always the most bitter, but having others comments win, made me bitter so I did them instead. So if I put your comments on here every week, I can get you to actually read it?


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