Friday Bloopers and Work Advice Bitterness

This week has felt really heavy, with 9/11 occuring and me staring off into the abyss at work yesterday.  It gets a little tiring being bitter about work and tragedy, so I think I will move on to bigger and bitter stuff.  It’s Freakin Friday(the 13th) so I think I will be bitter about lighter things like bloopers, both mine and others.   As a few of you may know, Amanda from WriteintheWrongWay and I (or is it me? Let me know, Grammar bitterpeople.) did a video for B.E.N. (Bitter Entertainment Network) and as you have come to expect of me, I screwed up.  A lot.  Amanda did too, so we decided to edit (by we, I mean she) those mistakes together and call them “Bitter Bloopers”. So we present to you above, the B.E.N.’s Bitter Blooper Blog Video.  (By the way, eventually we will do another video so if other bloggers are interested in doing a segment, let me know in the comments.)

Below are a few lessons to learn on Friday:

Sometimes when you feel like you are just running around in circles you just need to run away.

It is Friday.  If you are tired of the runaround, just get up and walk (or run) away.

After lunch on Friday, it is time to give up for the day: All your productivity for the week has been used up.  Every effort you make after lunch, will only cause more work.  Especially when you are on the West Coast.  Everyone on the East Coast and the Central Coast has shut down. They are already on their couches or whatever other locations people end up on Friday night. do on a Friday night. West Coasters: After lunch, just put down your pencils, put your shoes back on and slowly and casually leave the building.  No fanfare, or turning off our computers…just leave.  And don’t come back until Monday.  No one will miss you. Just leave the fish on the hook.. and walk away.

Lines are made to be skipped.

Fridays are meant for just hanging around.

If you make a mistake, just give up.  Just lay there, sit there or stare there and don’t do anything.  Because by not doing anything, at least you aren’t making anymore mistakes.

So close...

So close…

When things are going well, don’t do too much.   Sometimes on a Friday you get on a roll and you think you can do no wrong.  Since you are doing things right, you decided to keep going.  You decide to give up after this last one.  You know what?  Should have done just one less. Friday lesson: Know when to quit.

It's Friday at 3:25 and you are asking me to do what?

It’s Friday at 3:25 pm and you are asking me to do what?

Avoid your boss at all costs.  My favorite? About an hour before you go home, go to the bathroom, get a snack, then to your car.  Take a nap. At 3:29 wake up, comb your bedhead, wipe the sleep out of your eyes, sneak to your desk, log out, have a good weekend. By all means, don’t sit at your desk, be productive and give you boss any ideas about asking you at 3:29 pm to start a project that will just take a “few minutes”.

A bitter Friday the 13th to all of you.


Bitter Friday Ben



67 thoughts on “Friday Bloopers and Work Advice Bitterness

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  3. LOVE THE VIDEOS! Hilarious – especially the girl catching flies and/or exhibiting a shocked demeanor when her boss asked her to most likely begin some monstrous project at 3:25 on a Friday! I survived Friday the 13th by not leaving my house except to drop something off at the Post Office and scurrying back home ASAP…:). I think that’s the way to go. Figured you’d like that since it’s not exactly the SUNNY way to deal with such an ominous day. However, it was cold and gloomy here in Ohio, and I, unlike, you SLACKERS, had a very productive day and finished a rather sizable editing project that I’d been slaving away at for a couple of weeks. But when you work freelance, being lazy = NO PAYCHECK…:). However, my boss never dumps a ton of work on me at 3:25 on a Friday cuz she knows I’d just laugh and walk out…(big grin)…

    ANYWHO…my reason for stopping by is that I’ve started a new blog at:, and I’m looking for guest bloggers. And I’d LOVE it if you could possibly submit a post or two for the blog or possibly the book, which will be based upon wacko submissions to the…so, check it out when you’ve got a moment…

    Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday! 🙂



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