Bitter Contest Where you could win something

Like the Da Vinci Code, but without the big payoff at the end.  I call it Duh Vinci

Like the Da Vinci Code, but without the big payoff at the end. I call it Duh Vinci

I have long been a fan of the lottery and it’s miniscule chances to win billions of dollars.  I am a sucker for not buying lottery tickets and hoping to win the big prize.  Bitterly, I haven’t won yet and I blame the system for not allowing me to win it just by wishing and dreaming about what my Bitter Palace will look like.  I will never get over this and will forever hold a grudge against all people, places and coincidences that get in my way of winning the lazy man’s dream.

Because I haven’t hit the crackpot yet, I am not able to offer you what I really wanted to, which is not much.  Like I would share any of my non earned money.  As a shameless promoter of the website I am proposing a contest to help more people read this blog.  Hey I am not beneath bribery.  If it took having bitter kittens on a video to get more people to read, I would do that.  Come to think of it, a bitter cat T-shirt sounds like a great idea for a prize(high five, me!).

Your dreams of hitting it big are almost here.  Just need to have some fun(Sorry sacrifices must be made.)

Your dreams of hitting it big are almost here. Just need to have some fun(Sorry sacrifices must be made.)

Enough of the preamble.  Here is the game.  I provide clues, you follow the clues, you put the answer to the crazy riddle in the comments, you get it correct or semi-correct and I enter you into the contest(it’s like the Da Vinci Code, but you don’t have to have bad hair or  a PHd in clueology).

Now for the prize: A Grumpy Cat T-shirt…or movie tickets…or a Bitter Ben’s Blog T-shirt(joking about this.  Why would anyone wear a dude’s bitter blog T-shirt?)…or…well, let’s just say that the sky is the limit, as long as the sky only costs $20.  If you have a favorite CD you want to get (I know, only 40 year old dudes know what CD’s are), or if you want a gift card somewhere that is $20 or for the ladies you can find some lip gloss or a pair of shoes under that price, then you can go for it.  Be creative or imaginative if you want, just know that I didn’t win the lottery.

So here are the clues:

Word number 1: Another Bitter Podcast: Word 39(update: I counted self-serving as two words)  Press the like button.

Word number 2: Earth Day Bitterness: 17th word from the end starting with season. (trees-on is one word)  Press the like button.

Word number 3: Door Bitterness: All the way at the bottom, even below the comments   (blank) —–—at  Press the like button.

Word number 4: The Bitterest Place on Earth the Magic Kingdom edition – Third paragraph, 3rd word.   Press the like button.

Word number 5:   the.  Press the like button.

Word number 6: The Bitter Batman: Second paragraph sixth word.  Press the like button.

Word number 7: 100th Post Bitterness: Second paragraph 16th word.  Press the like Button. (only if you want.)

Word number 8: Worst Movie’s Ever Bitterness:  Third word in the title of that blog post.  Press the like button.

Here is your map.  Follow carefully.

Here is your map. The treasure in clearly marked by the arrow.

There you have it.  The scavenger hunt.  Please feel free to look for clues on other posts that haven’t been viewed very much or in a long time(no reason).  Second thing you need to do is take a look at 5 other bloggers I put links to and check them out either here or here.  After having been in this blog for far too long you need to cleanse your mind of bitterness and read some funniness.

If you need help figuring out clues leave me a comment.  I hope at least one person goes through all this.  To the rest of you who don’t, I curse you with the bitterness of me sticking out my tongue at you.


Bitter Da Vinci Ben


65 thoughts on “Bitter Contest Where you could win something

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    • 1. Thanks and you are correct.
      2. You mean you’ve never had a more memorable 10 minutes in your life including your upcoming wedding.
      3. I hope you don’t win because I don’t know how I would ship that (UPS, Fedex, Horse Drawn Carriage?)
      4. I have been hunting pink unicorns. I’ll see if I can ship some pink unicorn meat. It has a bitter flavor.


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  5. You set precedent with your opening. Therefore I refuse to do the work but insist on winning all prizes.
    Bitterly yours,
    The winner


  6. Hello. I am too bitter and if I’m honest, too lazy to read your post, to enter your contest. However, I did award your blog with the Liebster Award. If you go to my blog and see my latest posting about the Liebster award, or click on the link to the Liebster awards and see the second award acceptance it will tell you all you need to know. 🙂 Congrats on an awesome blog!


      • Well, this is the best thing I could have done for your blog I suppose! I am honored to have been able to have been a muse for more bitterness for your blog! 🙂 Cheers! ….And maybe I will enter…I do actually want to win…I do feel somewhat bitter that I don’t have this t-shirt already!


    • I know, so much worrrrkk. I put it at the top of the page, so you could do it in that minute of the day you don’t work or meet the needs of your young men. Who knows maybe they need a bitter T-shirt…


      • Your cheekiness makes be bitter, Ben. You present the BBB T-shirt as a prize, and then you say “..joking about this. Why would anyone wear a dude’s bitter blog T-shirt?”

        Why? Out of mad-bitter respect for your work…and personal bitterness for having been required to run the gauntlet to get it.


        • That was of course my bitter sarcasm coming out, because who wouldn’t want a Bitter Ben t-shirt! But you still need to follow the rules or no chance at a shirt. So far, only three have completed the challenge, so you have a pretty good shot if you do it!


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