Bitter Band of the Week

What kind of finger would ever be bitter?  Well every one of mine are.  I guess they should call mine Bitter Fist.

Congratulations to the Bitter Band of the week that no one has ever heard of.

I am lazy.  This should come as quite a shock to everyone but me.  I have been keeping this a secret because it is almost neck and neck or eye to eye (or some other part of me that does comparisons) with my bitterness on my scale of the seven deadly sins list.  Actually it should be 8 deadly sins because bitterness is not on that list.  I will be starting my campaign to have it included on the list, because bitterness has been overlooked way too long.  In fact, since I have started this blog, it has only now started to gain steam as a bad thing at all.  I have sent tweets to some celebrities because they are bitter on a global scale and they might be able to bring some awareness to this cause.  I will donate my time, but no money to this cause.  If you would like to contribute, please send all your money to me and I will be glad to send you some sort of receipt.  Just remember that this is for a bad cause.

It should only take billions to make people more aware of bitterness.  Won't you please contribute?

It should only take billions to make people more aware of bitterness. Won’t you please contribute?

Back to lazy (which is actually is on the the top seven list, which makes me envious, and bitter).  As you know, I have all kinds of things to be bitter about, but work is getting in my way.  So I will just let you know that this band, Bitter Fingers,  the band which I have never heard of is my bitter band of the week, for two reasons.

1. It contains the word Bitter in it, which I respect.

2. They were so lazy when it came to naming the band that they were watching the Simpsons, and saw that Bart liked Butterfingers.  They saw that and decided to change one of the letters and came up with the name of their band.

So I respect lazy and bitter bands. They probably practice on their mom’s couch and ask her to make them sandwiches. They probably are bitter that they aren’t a big band like Van Halen and make a lot of money.  They are probably bitter that no one has mentioned them on their blog.  Well, it is their lucky day because this is their first time.


Bitter “Finger” Ben


22 thoughts on “Bitter Band of the Week

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  5. You’re NOT lazy. You work hard to make us laugh. Wasn’t it Aerostatle who said…wait maybe Aeropostle(The shirt guy)? If you can’t laugh, you are just a big Jerk! Remember XENOPHOBIA means “FEAR of JERKS”, so I know what I’m Talking about…


    • Perhaps they are a combination of all the deadly sins, but you fall just short in everything.

      Guaranteed the mom just tells them to get their own sandwiches and to get a job you bunch of hippies.


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