Bitter Pill Pictures of the Week

Guess what no one cares.

Scientists designed this pill especially for me.


The bitter picture of the week is for me.  As a Phd in bitterology, I took a lot of classes in things I didn’t want to take, like for instance, all of them.  I took classes in small talk, phone ettiquette, and politeness, interviewing and job hunting, and traffic.  I excelled in getting bitter in all these classes and my teachers saw big promise for me in bitterology.  But then I had to take harder upper level stuff like, pizza and video games, and basketball.  I really had to stretch myself and dig deep to find things wrong with them, but I found a way.  But then in my final thesis, Living in a mansion and doing nothing all day, was so hard, I just didn’t know if I could make it.  Finally I almost cracked.  I couldn’t do it anymore.  I tried to use the Kardashians as inspiration, but even that didn’t work. I almost gave in and enjoyed myself and thought, “There’s nothing wrong with this.  I can actually enjoy this!”  but I found the product above and it helped me through the most difficult thing I ever had to be bitter about.  I would recommend this product for anyone trying to find their inner bitterness.


Back to our regularly scheduled Bitterness:

I tried once and got too tired.

I tried once and got too tired.

Doing your taxes is hard.  That’s why they have accountants.  Learning all the complex laws that have been put in place in this fine country take a lot of work.  That is why we have lawyers.  Math is very complex.  Algebra, Geometry, Trigenometry, all the ometry’s are hard enough, but figuring out where X goes? I’ve got no idea other than it should be after W and before Y.  Quantum physics, heart surgery, astrophysics, working a full time job and having kids?  All these things are really hard.  You know what else is hard to do?  Clicking on things on the internet.  Sometimes I need to take a break from clicking on the internet, and do some quantum physics or practice heart surgery, because all that clicking is so much work.

Next time the prize will be Hawaii and a boat.

Next time the prize will be Hawaii and a boat.

I put out this contest two days ago that required people to surf the internet.  It probably made a lot of people bitter.  I understand how hard it can be to read stuff at this site, but now you have to type and search for things?  I definitely crossed the line.  I am really sorry.  I know that clicking on links and typing things in boxes to get you to certain spots can really hard and for that I apologize.  Next time I will make it much easier to enter my contest.  All you will have to do is be somewhere near my site(all you have to do is type www.) and you will be entered.  And I definitely need to make the prizes better.   Perhaps a trip to the moon and a trip to Hawaii, or a mansion and car collection(none of this or stuff).  However, if there are people out there that are up for some work, and still interested in the current lame contest, it is still open.  I know it is especially hard to do on a day when people don’t really work (especially Friday afternoons).  Click the page above for more Bitter contesting.

Or a mansion and cars...

Or a mansion and cars…



Bitter working Ben


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