Debate bitterness

It is clear who won the debate last night.

As a casual non observer of both the presidential debates and the VP debates I feel that I am qualified to give you a take on who won.  It is because of my experience with gleaning little bits of information from Twitter and comments made on Facebook and of course Wikipedia, that give me a clear vision of who won.

Thanks to all the fights, the lies, the backbiting and subterfuge (what does this even mean?) the clear winner is Bitterness. I would like to thank all the candidates for bringing bitterness out of each other because of how little bitterness gets to take the spotlight.  The national debates have done that and for that I thank them.  Which makes me bitter that I have to thank any politician, let alone the ones runing for president.


Bitter Ben


One thought on “Debate bitterness

  1. The picture for this post is allmost right. If you chnged the lecterns to garbage cans and the debaters to shmall children, you’d have it just about right. In fact, that’s what I thought when I first glimpsed the art work. And that’s just what I think the debates are – shouting and sniveling matches between two desperate kids who covet the same toy – for a minute. That’s what makes me bitter; those kids should just put their lids on and stay inside.


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