Ignoravirus Bitter Friday Giftures

  There has been a lot of talk about viruses this year.¬† It started small with just a word or two, but little by little it has grown. I guess that is how all viruses spread. Now people are wearing masks, covering their eyes and mouths, and starting to panic. Yes, the election is this … Continue reading Ignoravirus Bitter Friday Giftures

Letting the Cat out of the Bitter Bag

  First of all, I know talking about pets is a sensitive subject, which is why I plan on talking about it. I know some people's life depend on their pets, maybe because they are a crazy cat lady, or because their dog cares about them way too much, but this rhinoceros pet owning is … Continue reading Letting the Cat out of the Bitter Bag

The Bitter Beneral Elections

On March 8th, 2012, exactly 4 year ago, we elected Bitter Ben to become president of this Bitter Blog, because, well, no one else ran. But now that his four years are up, it is time for someone, anyone else to step up. We need to elect a new leader of this blog. Bitter Ben … Continue reading The Bitter Beneral Elections

Debate bitterness

As a casual non observer of both the presidential debates and the VP debates I feel that I am qualified to give you a take on who won.¬† It is because of my experience¬†with gleaning little bits of information from Twitter and comments made on Facebook and of course Wikipedia, that give me a clear … Continue reading Debate bitterness