Towel A Ban Bitter Friday Giftures

  Today, I'm going to go all Seinfeld on you. I know it similar to some of the plots of many of the Seinfeld shows, but who is in charge of the automatic towel dispensers in the bathroom? Some of them roll out a red carpet below your feet before they stop dispensing. Others, like … Continue reading Towel A Ban Bitter Friday Giftures

9000!!!! Followers Friday Giftures

  Congratulations to the Darkest Fairytale, you just became the newest and bitterest member of the internet, IE you just became my 9000th WordPress follower. Do you know what this means? It means... It also means that we have to do at least 9000 gifs today for Friday Giftures. Ugh, it's going to be a … Continue reading 9000!!!! Followers Friday Giftures

Procrastination Friday Giftures

  Procrastination. The National Pastime. More popular than basketball, football, baseball, hockey AND Jai ali. The sport takes place in offices, schools, playgrounds, stores and even hovels across the nation every day. The sport works like this. The one that holds off the longest before doing important things wins. The only reason this hasn't become … Continue reading Procrastination Friday Giftures

Friday Slideday

    I declare that it is officially Friday Slideday.  That means you are officially invited to slide down a notch whatever it is that you were doing today.  So, if you were at a slight 30% capacity on doing work this morning, slide that down a very comfortable and barely functioning 10%.  If you … Continue reading Friday Slideday

Friday Giftures Losing

Losing is a way of life for a bitter person.  From the very start I found a way to turn almost sure wins into bitter defeats.  Before my arms were able to do anything but move around spastically like a Saturday Morning Cartoon, my mom would pretend to feed me stuff that looked like pudding, but … Continue reading Friday Giftures Losing

In case you missed it…Because you were busy becoming a Bitter All-Star

As you know, it is NBA All-Star Weekend and it is all about millionaires celebrating how great they are.  They work really hard at not playing defense, lazily dunking on each other and trying to outdo each other to prove who is the Alpha Male of all Alpha Males in world of basketball.  Because you … Continue reading In case you missed it…Because you were busy becoming a Bitter All-Star