9000!!!! Followers Friday Giftures


Congratulations to the Darkest Fairytale, you just became the newest and bitterest member of the internet, IE you just became my 9000th WordPress follower. Do you know what this means? It means…

It also means that we have to do at least 9000 gifs today for Friday Giftures. Ugh, it’s going to be a long night, but I think we can do it. Here we go….

It’s early…

…could you not wake me up with your computer destroyings? 

I mean really…

…could you stop horsing around?

Okay I admit. it was fun at first…

…but now it is getting ridiculous. 

I don’t wanna work…

…I just want to bang on the folders all day. 

Then I want to…

…do dangerous things for fun.

But then I gotta go…

…because breaking stuff is cool.


…gotta go. Boss is coming, gotta pretend to be working. 

Alright, coast is clear…

…let’s go to the pool. 

Oh shoot, co-workers are messing with me…

…gotta get my revenge. 

How do you feel about that Batman…


Late in the day…

…gotta take a nap…whoa time to wake up! 

Oh, just one more thing before I go….


Annnd, as usual I have fallen well short of my expectations. Sorry, that was only 12. So I guess, you will all just have to use your imaginations and figure the rest. As for me, I’m headed out to get some pizza or whatever.


Bitter 9000 Times a Day Ben

48 thoughts on “9000!!!! Followers Friday Giftures

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  2. I love the late in the day gif. However, I also love the idiot in the stockroom cruising on the cart. Once again, why would people do things like that? It will just end in bitterness and tears. 9000 followers? You are like a social media guru now.


  3. Congrats on 9000 followers! Your bitterness will soon have infected all and will take over the World.

    Having said that, does Trump happen to be a follower of yours, by any chance? 0:)


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