Friday Slideday

Let Friday Slideday commence.

Let Friday Slideday commence.



I declare that it is officially Friday Slideday.  That means you are officially invited to slide down a notch whatever it is that you were doing today.  So, if you were at a slight 30% capacity on doing work this morning, slide that down a very comfortable and barely functioning 10%.  If you were wearing tuxedo wear for some odd reason today, slide down to shorts, hat, sandals and T-shirt mode.  If your lunch was a healthy salad and glutten free tofu and sprouts sandwich, I give you permission to slide that down to a pizza.  Whatever it is that you are working so hard on, don’t.  Tell your boss that you are sliding down your chair onto the floor for a quick nappy nap and if they ask, tell them Bitter Ben told me so.  I take complete blame for all your shenanigans.  Also, if they ask, tell them that Bitter Ben gives them permission to be 30% less of a jerk today.  Tell them to go eat their stuffed crust pizza bacon sandwich and leave the sliding to you. And just so you have a better idea of what to do, here are some examples.


No sir… is certainly not a joke.

…we don’t joke about things around here.


I guess this guy…


..took me literally.

..took me literally.


It’s never too early…

...I never even said you had to be out of danger to start sliding.

…to start Friday Slideday.


Chicken seems to get it…

...tortoise, not so much.

…tortoise, not so much.


This kid has clearly mistaken…

...Slideday Friday for Tragic Tuesday.

…Slideday Friday for Tragic Tuesday.


This guy gets it…

...he's he lays down.

…he’s he lays down.


This kid and kitty…

...the kitty and the kid are doing a dance Friday celebration.

…are doing the Friday Electric Slideday.


This dude started his Slideday Friday…

...right in the middle of traffic.

…right in the middle of traffic.


And this lady…

...just couldn't quit once he started.

…Lay’s potato chipped it.  She couldn’t do just one slide.


This lady…

...she couldn't be late for Slideday Friday, no matter the cost...of towing a tow truck.

…couldn’t be late for Slideday Friday, no matter the cost…of towing a tow truck.


Make Friday Slideday happen…

...even if you have to burn a few bridges.

…even if you have to blow up a few bridges.


I guess this reporter didn’t like my post idea…

...but the post didn't really like him either.

…but the post didn’t really like him either.


Well look at that.  I can see most of you have slid to your least productive already.  In fact, it looks like most of you have slid so far down the slide of productivity today, that you could barely manage to finish this post.  Well, I’m so bad, that that I couldn’t even finish this



Bitter Slidder Bitterness Ben












31 thoughts on “Friday Slideday

  1. I recently discussed my inability to function come Monday morning (a little something I call Manic Mondays since I lack originality, of course). Maybe I take your suggestions of sliding down on Friday (through Sunday) just a little bit too seriously…


    • I not only don’t function well on Monday, but Tuesday as well. Tuesday are even worse because most everyone else has woken up for the week and realizes if they don’t pass their work onto me, it will seem like they didn’t do anything for the week.

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  2. Oooooh my productivity meter has been slid all the way down maybe to an 8%. That 8% was used to make coffee… so now I can be even more aware and alert of my lack of productivity.

    Yup, I’m a winner.



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