Procrastination Friday Giftures


Procrastination. The National Pastime. More popular than basketball, football, baseball, hockey AND Jai ali. The sport takes place in offices, schools, playgrounds, stores and even hovels across the nation every day. The sport works like this. The one that holds off the longest before doing important things wins. The only reason this hasn’t become a sport is because we lack sponsors. And we haven’t gotten around to filing the papers. But we will. As soon as I finish this blog post. And eat some breakfast. And check Google about something really important. Wait, I did have a video I needed to watch on YouTube.

Actually one more thing…

...I just need to get through this level.

…I just need to get through this level.

And of course as soon…


…as soon as this gif ends. 

The filing of the papers will happen…

As soon as

…as soon as I put my ball in the basket.

Alright, just give me the pen…

...that I have to

…and I’ll just sign right…ooh cool like what I can do with the pen.

Alright enough fooling around…


…yep exactly. Just need to have people stop talking to me.

Alright down to business…



…Oh wait there flower here that needs to be picked. Ooh that’s not very nice.

I’m gonna just put this thing about by stepping on it..


…and oh my gosh MY EYES!!!

Now I’m going to have to sit down…


…and ooh, it’s lunch time.

I just need to rest my eyes for just a second…


…ooh wow, I kind of feel…a little tired…

Okay, I’ll just lay right down here and rest for a….


…WOW! NO? Okay, I’M UP, I’M UP!

Okay, here I am…


…finally ready to file for it to be a sport. 

Finally made it to the beginning of the line…


…and they are closed. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Oh, well, there is always tomorrow. Don’t do tomorrow, what you can put off today right? Or something like that. Alright I really need to get this post finished. I’ve got things to do today. Just put the ending here and..ooh is that a Pokemon?








Bitter Procrastination Be….ooh doughnut


22 thoughts on “Procrastination Friday Giftures

  1. For many years I said people who sit straight up and sleep are really stupid. Well in the last year or so I have caught myself resting my eyes like in the gif and it worries me … have I become an old person nodding off in my chair like that? I must stop this stupid habit!


    • I used to make fun of my dad because he would come home and then immediately fall asleep on the couch. Now it’s me, but at least I lay down on the couch. And of course, I fall asleep at work occasionally sitting up. Thankfully there is a nice wall between me and others so I don’t get caught.


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