Framing BFG’s

Since I like having 4 walls and a roof above my head, I’ve had to work for a living most of my life. Much like many of you, I haven’t worked the same job my whole life, so I’ve had a variety of jobs. One summer I worked a construction job, and another time I worked at a craft store, and a third job I did one summer was help these really old guys establish the constitution of the US. They called themselves the “Framer’s of the Constitution. Anyways, all of these jobs involved framing in some sense.

In construction, framing is important in setting up concrete. You have to build four pieces of wood in precisely the place you want the concrete to go. In craft stores, framers help you custom frame a photo or piece of art. The old guys “Framers of the Constitution” needed help writing stuff, because they were too busy arguing about “the future of the country” or some nonsense like that. While they were busy fighting in these big rooms, I was ghost writing the Constitution while I wasn’t doing my much more important bitter blogging. They all signed their names really big on it, but forget to tell everyone that I actually wrote it. The life of a ghost writer I guess.

The point is that framing has taken on a whole new meaning lately. Now it isn’t the physical framing of a say a life altering document, or framing a bunch a concrete that forms a building. Now framing is this concept of looking at something from a different perspective. You know, how a picture frame makes you focus on a part of the picture they want you to see.

Here is an example of how two different “frames” can make something look super lame or unbelievably mind alteringly amazing. Frame #1: There is this story of an annoying teenage boy that wants to leave his uncle’s farm. One day, an annoying guy delivers a message tells him this lady needs his help and he teaches him some tricks about operating new vehicles and gives him a light up sword to help fight this other old guy who has asthma and dresses in dark clothes and helmet.

Frame #2: Destiny awaits Luke Skywalker, a humble farmboy, who will someday be the most become the powerful Jedi the galaxy has ever seen. But first, Obi Wan Kenobi, find him, deliver a message from a princess desperate for his help, and must unlock the power of the Force within him so he can fight the equally powerful dark side of the Force, Darth Vader and destroy the Death Star before it destroys the whole galaxy.

Framing is how two different people can watch the exact same thing and get two completely different perspectives. There are different kinds of frames. There is the optimist frame where everything looks like an opportunity, the pessimist frame, where everything looks like it is doomed and the bitter frame where everything makes a person bitter.

Some people look at the world as an ATM, like my son. Other people look at is as big globe to travel. Some people look at writing as a bunch of letters and spaces and typing. I look at writing as my brain dump, as a way to give you all the reasons why everything makes me bitter. In other words, if you start liking your life too much, change your frame and all of sudden you can be bitter like me.

Speaking of being bitter like me, let’s get to some moving pictures, I like to frame as Bitter Friday Giftures.

Some may frame these people elite ice skaters going to the Olympics…

GIF by Olympics
…I frame them as a meme waiting to happen.

Some people frame this as a place to watch TV occasionally…

couch potato GIF by Leesh
…I frame it as home.

He frames the nunchakus as an attention grabber…

Arizona Nunchucks GIF by GIPHY News
…I frame it as a future groin hitting funny gif.

Some would frame this as protection…

How To Mask GIF by GIPHY News
…I think it’s a muzzle.

Some call this a fresh start for new goals…

New Year Nye GIF by Sky
…I call it a speed bump to more of the same.

Some call this a serene scene…

Christmas Tree Snow GIF
…I call it “Yeah, no one else is going to be a work today.”

She framed this as a disaster…

Fall Fail GIF by MOODMAN
…I frame it as “only entertainment at a wedding”.

Some would call this efficiency….

Happy Jim Carrey GIF

While I would frame this…

Video Games 80S GIF
…as efficiency.

Some would frame Michael the world’s worst boss…

Frustrated Michael Scott GIF
…but I frame him as the best.

Some people would frame their father’s as unnecessary…

darth vader father GIF by Star Wars
…I frame fathers as teacher’s of the Dark Side.

Some would frame the Constitution as one of the most important documents ever…

Season 15 Television GIF by The Simpsons
…I frame it as just another thing I ghost wrote in between blogs.

Can you see how important framing is now? You can use it to change your worldview. But most importantly, you should use it to change your bosses worldview, so they will give you a raise.


Bitter Framer of the Constitution Ben


2 thoughts on “Framing BFG’s

  1. I could figure out the ‘Star Wars’ framing the first time… as that was how I figured it when I finally saw the thing after YEARS of hearing about it. Here’s another framing that isn’t “EPIC Sci-fi Adventure”:

    Newly minted ‘knight’ must rescue Princess from ‘Dragon’… innnnn spaaaaaace!

    Liked by 1 person

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