20/20 Vision Bitter Friday Giftures


My kids are always telling me how out of touch and old I am. I try to stay in touch and I think that I know just enough to be dangerous. I am never on the bleeding edge of all the memes, just the cutting edge, so they tell me to stop talking.  Anyways, as usual, I am just past the youth expiration date on one of the memes. The one that goes, “So what are your plans for the future?” and they say, “I don’t know. I don’t have 20/20 vision,” referring to the year 2020. But now that it’s 2020, it is passe’. Thankfully, I’m also at the age where I stopped caring about being trendy. I make my own trends, like Bitter Friday Giftures.

My vision for the future…


Milos Raonic Lol GIF by Tennis TV

…is a little shifty. 

Things are looking…

Scared Mood GIF by Tennis TV

…a little depressing.

Sometimes this is…

timothy dalton deal with it GIF

…is the only way to focus.

Now that…

stand up 80s GIF

…sounds like way too much work.

This is how my vision of 2020…

things going GIF

…is going so far.

I’m thinking some great technology…

90s vhs GIF

…is ready to bust out.

All the cool kids…

technology GIF

…are wearing shades…even at night.

There will probably be some…

lazy the simpsons GIF

…exercise being done.

Eating faster…

Food Eating GIF by Bounce

…so you can get more food in is of utmost importance.

We should try…

splash GIF

…to get more water this year.

How about getting…

splash GIF

…both more water and more exercise. 

Quit trying to leap headforward into the year…

dive GIF

…and just take it one day at a time.

That is what I say all the time.  Don’t plan ahead more than a few seconds at a time. Just try to make it through your bitter day and survive. Planning always goes wrong anyways.


Bitter 2020 Vision Ben


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