The Bitter Grind Friday Giftures


I read a book once about legit book about video games and how they can be a positive thing. Most people that write about them talk about how they are the downfall of society. Anyways, she mentions that we will do things in video games willingly that we can’t stand doing in the real world. The number one thing that I love doing in video games is called grinding. Basically, it is playing something over and over again in order to level up and get a reward.

In the real world, we hate the grind. We hate having to do the same task over and over. We know that driving to work every day will get us the reward of getting paid, but we don’t like it. We hate talking on the phone over and over again, even though we know we will get money for doing it. Yet somehow, in video games, we love playing the same level over and over again to get a different character or new skin.

On the other hand, I post the same thing on my blog every Friday, and somehow it seems like fewer people are enjoying that routine. BTW, Iast week I posted without the gifs, just to see if anyone was paying attention. 2 people did. Good detective skills there people. Let’s start the grind shall we?

Keanu had the year of his life…


…but only because he committed to the grind.

Sometimes the grind…

…left us absolutely exhausted.

Other people…

…were a little too hyped about it.

Some things have been grinding for years…

…and will never be popular.

Danny Devito comes up short on height…

…but his grinding lead him to a gig in Jumanji and Quickbooks.

Wasn’t always easy for Spiderman…

…but his grind lead him to the Avengers…and this gig in Chile.


Without the grind…

…we wouldn’t have golf clubs in order to relax from the grind.

How interesting would skateboarding be…

…without the grinding?

Why would people grind and workout…

…if all they wanted to get was sore?

A lot of the time…

…your grind looks just like this.

In order to avoid getting run over…

…you can’t sit still.

In the end though…

…this is what my grind ends up doing for me.

The grind works for everyone else because they learn lessons and grow from each grind session. For me though, it’s always that one step forward, two back, so I never actually gain anything from all of it.

How has the grind helped all of you? Let me know in the comments.


Bitter Grinding Ben


7 thoughts on “The Bitter Grind Friday Giftures

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  2. How has the grind helped me? Well, I’ve put in enough grinding to retire in 2020. After that, I’ll have to adjust to the grind of not setting an alarm and spending entire weekdays in pajamas with an occasional glass of beer in hand. Not sure I can handle it.

    PS: It’s been the grind of work and stuff that has kept me from commenting here for a long time. My apologies.
    PSS: I loved my mom and dad’s fruitcake. It was the best, my German grandmother’s recipe, not like the concrete brick stuff they sell in the store.


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