20/20 Vision Bitter Friday Giftures

  My kids are always telling me how out of touch and old I am. I try to stay in touch and I think that I know just enough to be dangerous. I am never on the bleeding edge of all the memes, just the cutting edge, so they tell me to stop talking.  Anyways, … Continue reading 20/20 Vision Bitter Friday Giftures

2014 Retrospective and Friday Giftures

It's been a crazy year, 2014, and I think that today, January 10th is a good time to reflect back on what a crappy year it was.  I can barely remember any good movies, music, or quite frankly moments at all.  Like I guess New Year's was an okay day because I didn't have to … Continue reading 2014 Retrospective and Friday Giftures

Bitter Distraction

As the year 2013 died a tragic and meaningless death on December 31, at 11:59:59, I was killing a zombies.  Lot's of zombies, but only because they were attacking me first.  While I was at it, I was also trying to shut down a security camera or three because the government was watching.  I was also trying to find … Continue reading Bitter Distraction

Day after Bitterness

I am a bitter forward thinker.  A bitter visionary.  While others are thinking about things that make them bitter in the present, I am looking forward to things that will make me bitter in the future.  I don't look at the past and stew over past bitterness or live in the moments bitterness like most … Continue reading Day after Bitterness