One of my favorite movies is Wreck-It Ralph. The reason why I love it is because it is essentially my life story. Not because I’m not the bad guy in a virtual world that is always around happy people that don’t appreciate him.  Actually, maybe I am a bad guy in a virtual world that is around happy people that don’t appreciate him. Anyways, it is because I grew up as a kid being transfixed by the world of video games.

I still remember the day I got my first Atari 2600, the day I got my first NES, and bringing my black and yellow screened Game Boy to school to play Tetris. It was a miracle for me to be able to actually bring games to school. I never knew it would be possible to have the same amount of power in a handheld device that I did in those huge video game cabinets that I would have to pour quarter after quarter into to continue 5 minutes of play. Instead of wasting $.25 cents to play a game for 10 minutes, I could pay $70 to waste 30 – 50 hours doing nothing productive at home.

It’s a masterpiece.

Some may say I wasted a lot of productive time playing games and they would be right. That I have a glitch.  I could have been walking on a treadmill to nowhere for 30-60 minutes getting fit, only so I could destroy all that lost weight on a ice cream bar in 2 minutes. I could have been more productive visiting an art museum and viewing great works of art that people spent 40, 50, even 60 hours or more on drawing a red dot, and calling it their masterpiece.

I could have been more productive, spending hours releasing products to our warehouse, only to see that our system had a glitch and none of them got released in the system, only to have them to release them all again. I could have worked for hours, and hours on my resume, filling out applications, drafting up a vision statements, training for interviews, going to interviews, following up with thank you cards, and emailing hiring managers, only to get a “thank you for applying for this position. At this time we are pursuing someone who more closely fits our needs.”

I could definitely be more productive and spend hours cleaning the house, mopping the floors, cleaning the dishes, making the beds, washing the clothes, cleaning off the table, cutting my hair, brushing my teeth. Cause they won’t all be back to the mess they were hours ago as soon as things are eaten, clothes are worn, floors are walked on, hair is grown back.

We’re the one in the back.

Maybe I should spend more productive hours on that Pinewood Derby car. Cut the shape, paint the car, add more coats, sand the wood, sand the paint, graphite the wheels, put the nails in, bring it to get weighed, then find out it is over weight by 2 ounces and have to destroy the car again so it can make weight. What is it, a wrestling meet? All so I can see the disappointment on my son’s face when he loses every match? That was definitely time well spent.

Yeah, there is definitely way more productive ways to spend my time. I should really look into those things.


Bitter Glitch in the System Ben


28 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. I would just imagine you are very tired now, after listing all these productive things you “should” be doing (I put it in quotes, because it is all made up rules that we “should” do anything). I suggest you take a break and relax yourself, perhaps with a video game.


  2. I once played a MMORPG and it kept track of the hours I’d played in total. When my total hit over a week of playtime I grew kind of sad. I pictured myself wasting a full week playing a stupid online game. Then I decided to work up to a month. Might as well live a little, albeit online in a fake world.


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