Flipping the Switch Friday Giftures


A lot of people have this insane ability to be able to flip a switch and be able to turn into beast mode(the Hulk has this ability literally).  For a lot of people, the magical elixir is called coffee. Some people can do it in their basketball careers. These professional basketball players have the really difficult thing called the regular season. They glide along drearily and dreadful because they have to play a game for a living and they have to work like 9 months out of the year, and they are forced to get paid exorbitant amount of dollars to play it.  I can see why they whine and complain that they have to work for 48 minutes a day, 3 or 4 days a week. Us normal folks have no idea about the suffering they go through.  All of a sudden, when playoff time comes, they flip a switch too. Their elixir is a trophy and a ring. My daughter once asked me what they got if they won. She was like, “That’s it?” Kind of funny when you think about what motivates these richies. Me, on the other hand, I have the ability to flip a switch too. Every time I walk in a room. My elixir is needing to not bump my knee on the couch again.

Here are some Friday Giftures to protect your knees from permanent damage.

The downhill slide this week…

…was pretty drastic.

This week was so bad…

…it felt like this.

Things fell apart this week…

…quicker than this bike.

The anticipation for this week…

…went a little something like this .

Just when it felt like I was clearing an obstacle…

…something else would hit me.

It seems like I tried to hit the breaks…

…but my no one was listening to that noise.

I lost my concentration for one moment…

…and all of a sudden, I’m swimming in the deep.

I try to reach too far for once…

…and this is what I get.

No matter what I did…

…it felt like I was just getting bounced around.

Everything I attempted this week…

…was a big flop.

If there was a hole to fall in…

…I found it this week.

How I ended my week…

…was like this chair to the face.

The hazards are many my bitter people. Get out there and try to avoid them, but understand that they will find you like a magnet finds other magnets. Try your worst to avoid them, and just deal with the bitter disappointment that they will find you anyways. It’s inevitable.


Bitter Flipping the Switch Ben


47 thoughts on “Flipping the Switch Friday Giftures

  1. I think it is humorous that anyone thinks about sharing anything. I use to eat them all the time and very slowly in front of my friend who was severely allergic to peanuts.


  2. I use to eat them all the time and very slowly in front of my friend who was severely allergic to peanuts. I’m pretty poor, definitely, at least until I get paid, which seems like forever away.


  3. I don’t know where you find this stuff but it’s gold! I have tears in my eyes from all the laughing and now people at work are going to wonder if something’s up in my personal life. So thanks for that Bitter Ben.
    (That hole to fall in one is so beautiful and cringe-worthy at the same time).


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