Big Changes


Not long ago, I worked for a company that worked really hard in March. Our fiscal year end was in March, so the rest of the year, we kind of coasted. We only really tried hard at the end of the months, and end of quarters. But at the end of March, the salespeople got really aggressive and started realizing that they weren’t going to meet any of our artificial goals that we had to get a bonus (meaning we set them ourselves), and started trying for once. So that means when these doofuses started finally making some sales, we had to start working as well. So that made life quite miserable in March and made me really bitter, because we would have to come in early and stay late, all for the privilege of not getting a bonus that we forgot to try hard for during the year.

You probably didn’t really come here to hear any of that though. You probably wanted to hear about the big change I announced yesterday on my Friday Gifture post. Either that or you just haphazardly decided that you had nothing better to do. Anyways, my big change is…drum roll please….Micheal Scott style….



NOTHING! That was AN APRIL FOOLS joke you Simpleton’s!

HA HA! Gotcha!

Once again, I played a prank on you, and you fell for it! Now go cry in your cereal that you got played once again by me!


Bitter Fool Ben


12 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. Just been on a car journey scheduled to take 2 hrs that took 4 on account of the fact that several major roads were closed for night works because councils are desperately spending up before the fiscal year ends … grrr!


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