Do Not Enter Friday Giftures

There are signs all over that tell you, “Do not enter”.  I see them a lot when I am driving on the wrong ramp on the freeway. I also hear a lot of people honking when I do that too which is weird, because they are the ones driving the wrong way.  Not to mention it is really dangerous for all of them to be driving right towards me. One time I ran into one of those signs and knocked it completely over and thought about taking it so I could put it on my door. I need it because kids aren’t very good at reading people’s faces (or reading for that matter) so I thought if I put the sign on my door they might take a hint and go away. Anyways, for your gifturing pleasure are this weeks giftures…

Since this kid couldn’t read…

…so we used a much less subtle way to tell him to go away. 

This is also a good way…

…to tell someone to go away. 

Sometimes you don’t need much…

…to keep people out. 

Sometimes it just takes a little imagination…

…to keep people from following you. 

Other times people just need a subtle reminder…

…of a kick to the face to help them know to stay away.

Some people that are so good at stealth…

…you may not see them enter. 

Others need to be reminded by laundry methods…

…you know, the clothesline? 

Some people just need a little…


I guess someone…

…thinks I’m joking. 

This kid just needs to face it…

…we don’t want him here. 

This is the best way…

…to let someone know you are done talking to them. 

This is the blueprint for how to make two girls bitter at the same time…

…a dangerous, yet satisfying feeling. 

Well, I hope you find these tips to be helpful and that you can use some of them to help in the fight against being around other people. If they don’t work, I have many more tips available for the low, low price of all your money. See you in the comment section!


Bitter Do Not Benter Ben


31 thoughts on “Do Not Enter Friday Giftures

  1. All of these were great but I LOVED the clothesline. I actually did that to someone when I was a kid and we were playing Red Rover. It did feel good. The bus was super cool because that guy leapt on that ride like he was James Bond.


  2. Haha, the stealth gif reminds me of a video fragment of a Dutch talkshow: while the hostess is being taught how to dance, a guy in the background steals a tree from the garden very obviously-not obviously.


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