Bitter Pushover Black Friday Giftures


You realize that Black Friday is a crazy day filled with lunatics pushing each other out of the way for products that they are using to push their old stuff out of the way right? You know what else Black Friday is? It is the December holidays pushing Thanksgiving out of the way.  As soon as the turducken is digested, the Decembers are already pushing the Bitter Thanksgiving out of the way.  So in honor of pushy holidays, the Black Friday Giftures are about pushing people, places, things and holidays around.

This has been pushed…


…by something that was kind of a cheetah.

Somebodies need for a job…


…has pushed him to find the right circles to run around in.

Somebody is getting …


…a Happy Birthday Party pushed on them.

This pushy dog…


…should know not to mess with a guys food.

This bird was trying to get to a Black Friday sale…


…got pushed around a little.

This kid learned…


…don’t ever push it, by calling him a chicken.

This guy didn’t get a chance push it…


…cause he was too busy getting pulled.

This guy was pushed on the shot…


…but not as much as the teacher.

This cat is pushing it…


…to make it to the Second Annual Slam Dunk Giftures.

This guy pushed for an audition on the New Star Wars Movie….


…but bearly missed the cut.

This guy believed he could fly…


…and believed he could touch the sky.

Some bees were pushing some illegal honey…


..on this poor suspecting Beekeeper wearing shorts.

If you are in line right now for some really bad Black Friday deals, push your way to the front, because no one deserves a great deal like someone who is pushy.


Bitter Black Fries day Ben







15 thoughts on “Bitter Pushover Black Friday Giftures

  1. I just do not remember Mrs Dutton being all right with us tossing water bottles at her during elementary school lunch. But that would be because it was 1979 and they didn’t bottle water back then. We’d have had to toss those slimy wax-paper cartons of milk instead and who’d toss that at Mrs Dutton?


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