The REAL History of Thanksgiving

I've always been an advocate of short work weeks. I've been pushing my company really hard to go to the 1-day work week for some time. So far, so bad. We did recently reach a compromise of me keeping me job by working 5 days a week. Don't worry though. They are starting to crack. … Continue reading The REAL History of Thanksgiving

Looking like a Turkey Bitter Friday Giftures

  Today is one of the days that you either dread or love. It seems like there is no in-between. If you happen to work at Walmart, Target, Amazon, or another megastore, I assume you've been dreading this day, neh, season for some time now. You finished your turkey and then said, "Off to work … Continue reading Looking like a Turkey Bitter Friday Giftures

Bitter Pushover Black Friday Giftures

  You realize that Black Friday is a crazy day filled with lunatics pushing each other out of the way for products that they are using to push their old stuff out of the way right? You know what else Black Friday is? It is the December holidays pushing Thanksgiving out of the way.  As … Continue reading Bitter Pushover Black Friday Giftures

Black Friday Giftures

    It's Black Friday and nothing says Black Friday like greed.  Black hearted rage, mixed with savings only 6 people will actually ever get, combined with angry, crazy people in a race for pole position for a chance at a ticket that may or may not get you into the room of a store … Continue reading Black Friday Giftures

If you missed it…you were probably in a tryptophan coma

A long time ago (a whole Thursday ago), you went to someone's house that didn't like you, and you didn't like them, but you were forced to because they insisted that you not sit at home alone blissfully playing video games or laying on the couch.  You drove three hours to get to their house, … Continue reading If you missed it…you were probably in a tryptophan coma

Unlucky Friday Picture Bitterness

Some people might not call me unlucky, but they would be wrong.  It is all about perspective.  Some may say that I am lucky that I have a job.  I say I'm unlucky that I have to work here.  Some may call me lucky because I have enough money for food, and sometimes water.  I … Continue reading Unlucky Friday Picture Bitterness

In case you missed it…It was a lazy week

I spent all week not working.  Okay, I don't work most weeks, but this one happened to be where I was at home being lazy.  I sent the kids off to school, "allowed" my wife to go shopping and I killed some alien lizards with chainsaws, because they invaded my home.  When someone interrupts my … Continue reading In case you missed it…It was a lazy week

Line Bitterness

According to the website might be fun, but math is nothing but pure bitterness), the geometric definition of a line is three things.  1: It has no thickness, 2. It is straight (has no curves) and C. It extends in both directions (it has no end).  I happen to believe that some lines are … Continue reading Line Bitterness