Bitter Blogger of the Year

Make me your second place! (or first loser)

Campaigning and complaining for your second place vote. (or first loser if you prefer).

Hey bitter blog followers.  Remember way back in like, January when it was all snowy in the North and East and stuff and people were bitterly complaining about how much snow there was? Remember how bitter you were and you woke up that morning and saw a post of mine called “Help Me Become Number 2?”

This is how closely I want to lose by.

This is how closely I want to lose by.

It was a post about these award thingys they hold every year that are way more prestigious than the Oscars, the Grammys or the Nickelodeon Slimmy Awards, called the Bloggy Awards.  Anyways, I did a campaign and asked that all of my followers vote for me so I could get second place, a bitter person’s favorite because we are just this close(imagine my finger holding a little space between it.)  Think of all the bitter second place winners, the San Antonio Spurs of 2013, the Silver Medalist USA Basketball team of 1972, the 2015 Seattle Seahawks.  Bitter crushing losses.  And according to Nike or some other slogan writer who probably doesn’t even get credit, second place is the first loser.  See how important it is for me to get second place? So I can be bitter for my whole life, knowing I was that close and just didn’t win by one vote. Do you know how much that could mean for my bitter self esteem?

The feeling I want to experience.

The feeling I want to experience(the middle guy of course).

So my rambling has no point except for somehow enough of you nominated me to become a finalist in the Weblog of the Year(whatever a weblog is). It is now your duty to visit this link and also pass along the word to your followers to vote my second placedness.  Do it for all bitter kind.  You could be the difference between me being normal bitter or me being a legendarily bitter person.  Go visit the polls today…or I will hunt you down….


Bitterly Secondary Ben


471 thoughts on “Bitter Blogger of the Year

  1. Hi Ben. I hope you got that second place prize you so bitterly cherish. Just so you’ll know, I came in second in a spelling bee in sixth grade when I was the new kid (for the second time in my life), just like Charlie Brown. I guess that meant instead of having a reputation as a nerd I got to be a loser instead. Nice to have options. Thanks also for liking my blog post. It’s great to hear from you again!


  2. I am bitterly happy for you, Ben. Or happily bitter? I get confused. Either way, a huge congrats on avoiding the smarmy prestige of the Grammys and all those other overly-hyped awards that come with money, contracts and a possible reality show. Who needs that when your bitterness is recognized and appreciated by the masses?

    In all seriousness, Cheers to you Ben!


  3. Bitter and famous, now there’s a winning combo, FYI, I did vote for you but not because of your post. Twas because of the funny Cupid and Cats who is also nominated and mentions you….somehow WordPress ‘unfollowed’ me from your bitter blog when I changed themes recently. I would be bitter but I am just too freaking cheery. 😊


    • Yeah, that is actually how I found out about it too. If it wasn’t for cupid and cats, I would still be unblissfully unaware that I was even in that thing.
      That must have been a happy time for you when you weren’t following me. Must have felt so unbitterly freeing.


  4. It would make me bitter if you won. Thanks for liking my blog post today. That doesn’t make me bitter. I am clearly conflicted and that makes me bitter. Well done, bitter Ben.


  5. Yay!!! Voted and re-tweeted! And, will sneak it out there again before the voting period ends. YAY for the BENefits of being bitter! hahaa! I think I will write a post with that title…the BENefits of being bitter… 😀


  6. Ha! That picture of the guy in the middle is awesome by the way. I will totally vote for you… but only if you take a picture just like that one to show how bitter you really are. 🙂


    • I have plenty of bitter pictures to prove that I’m that bitter. I wish I could find the one of my getting second place in the city high jump finals or the one of me getting second place of being born in my family.

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  7. The voting process was even more annoying than the last. I had to search every category to find your blog and was sure it would be under spirituality, or education or African and was bitterly disappointed to find it under web blog of the year. I don’t even know why I found that so disappointing. Maybe because it was the last category listed so it took me a whole 3 minutes to find it, which, when you consider that it took me another 3 to read the blog and write this stupid comment….AAAAAARGH!!


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