Throwing Bitterness to the Wind Friday Giftures

This week when we went on a walk around the neighborhood and it was a typical Seattle day.  50 degrees. cloudy and raining lightly.  I’m not a fan of weather watching…at all. If Global Warming were the Super Bowl and the most watched event ever, I would be like, I’m over here watching the reruns of the Office, I could care so little.  I wouldn’t even watch it for the commercials or the halftime tornado.   But that day, I observed something about Grey Cloud Town, USA(and I’m not talking where all your pictures uploaded to).  I said to my wife, “This day right here, cloudy, 50, rainy, could have happened in any month of the year here.  January, March, September, even July.”  That is how bitterly consistent that kind of day happens here.  I remember July 4th a few years ago, where I wore a jacket and long pants to observe the fireworks.  Sometimes it even gets windy here. And when it does, you need to throw caution and bitterness into it. Just like I’m throwing these Gifs and my caution into the wind.


Can this weather…

...just stop? Signs point

…just stop? Signs point to….no.


Caution isn’t the only thing…


…being thrown around here.


I hate to burst your bubble…

...but I'm going to.

…actually no I don’t. 



 I’m gonna throw caution… a cancle in the wing.

…like a candle in the wind.


 And I gonna throw this girl…


…under the bus.



I’m gonna set the bar really low…


…and still not reach my goooooooooooooooooooollll!


I will get my revenge…

...with something really

…with a drive by donuting.


If you want to see me, I’ll be in my booth… 


not right meow? Okay.

…not right meow? Okay.



 I tried exercise once…


…it really hurt.


 Now I’m really gonna throw caution to the wind..



...and throw on some sweatpants.

…and throw on some sweatpants.


 Or perhaps something…


…more delicious. 


 And rush…

...right into my dream emporium.

…right into my dream emporium.



And that is enough excitement for one week.  I’d talk more, but like I said, dream emporiuming right now. Dreaming of more ways to be bitter.  Now go.


Bitter Cautionary Tale Ben


Funny Blog Friday

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For your Black Friday Funny Bitterness Gifture pleasure. Not really.

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44 thoughts on “Throwing Bitterness to the Wind Friday Giftures

  1. Thanks for the Bitterest Pills I’ve ever swallowed…and for the list of Funny Friday Bloggers! I post on Mondays because I’m just Not That Funny! Do you think Fridays are funnier?


  2. The ‘drive by doughnuting’ reminds me of something me and one of my best friends used to talk about doing (and never did) when we were young. Only it was with burritos and not doughnuts.
    Also, the cat kissing booth made me CTM.
    Alsoalso, I so wish I could get covered up like that dude. It would be so awesome.

    Are we still on for tomorrow?
    Why am I asking you that on here? I haven’t been checking this. >.>


    • A little while back one of my blog friends came up with the idea to start a group of funny bloggers to get together every once in a while on a Friday and write funny blogs, then tweet about them so we could be kind of a network. The first one we did we were supposed to give away something or whatever. If you want to apply, talk to Victoria over at the Angst blog.


  3. With all that light rain falling, i don’t know how any ladies ever have a good hair day there. It’s going to be 80 here today, sans clouds. Sunny cities make sunny people. Bitter skies make bitter guys. Our cable bill (which went up in Dec and again this month by another $20 and made me BITTER) gives us a wide range of FOUR free movies, one of which was Singles. So I skimmed thru it yesterday, thinking it would remind me of the early 90s grungey years and would be brilliant insight into my post-adolescence. No. It sucked. Hard. Everyone in 1992 in Seattle must have had enormous garage door openers. That’s all I gleaned from it.


  4. I really think the weather is Seattle suits you. It gives you something to complain about. Now imagine you lived here in L.A. where the sun always shines. You try to be bitter and they look at you like you have two heads and snap their bubble gum.


    • I actually grew up in a lot of places, but none were NW. I was born in California, when I was 6-9 I lived in NY (Long Island) and then South Dakota until I graduated. Then lived in Idaho for college, then Utah for a mission, then back to Idaho for college, then to Utah for college, then when I was 27 moved to the NW and been here since.


      • Thanks, Ben! Those are some interesting and beautiful places. So. Dakota is def. on my travel list.

        My whole family migrated to the Pacific NW, so we’re constantly flirting w/ moving there, but afraid of the grey. Why we prefer -15 degrees, ice and snow to 50 degrees with a light rain is the stuff for a Psychiatrist.


        • South Dakota definitely has some beauty and charm in certain places, but for the most part, the city I grew up in Sioux Falls, is pretty generic and plain. But like all places there is some good some bad. For some reason people around here just love this place and couldn’t bear to go anywhere else. Guess they haven’t been other places.


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