Defiant Friday Giftures

Teens have a history of rebelling against society.  Hunger Games. Divergent.  100’s of other dystopian novels that have become all the rage these days.  But last night I was watching a classic from the 80’s that most of you weren’t even born when it came out.  The Breakfast Club is a group of 5 random teens at a school that end up in detention that over the course of a Saturday, end up rebelling against not only the oppressive principal that is their prison guard, but against the stereotypes that they all carry coming into the detention.  At the end, (no spoiler warning) 4 of the 5 couple off and show just how “rebellious” they are.  All of these things couldn’t hold a candle to how I defied society last night.  When my internet and phone service went down, thus crippling my family of having any sort of connection with society and the world almost ending, I called from a phone that wasn’t my home phone and told them to fix it, or I would be very bitter with them.  They said it was some stupid power plant and that it wouldn’t be fixed until 1 am, but because I called, they fixed in less than an hour.  Take that Comcast Xfinity whatever you are! I defy you. On to the giftures you are really here for.

I will not stay…


...stay in your oppressive mouth.

…in your oppressive mouth.

You cannot keep…

...your sugary beverages from me.

…your sugary beverages from my stupid mouth.

You will not repress me… from rising up against you.

… from rising up against you.


You can’t hold me down…

...from going Footloose.

…from going Footloose.


You can’t keep me from…

...or taking Aleve whenever I want to.

…taking Aleve whenever I want to.




…panicking whenever I feel like it.



...entering whatever world I want to visit.

…going to Disney World if I want.



...drinking with my feet.

…drinking with my feet.



...starting my own kingdom.

…starting my own kingdom.



...refusing to learn math.

…refusing to learn math.


Or using the bathroom…

...whenever I want.

…whenever I want.

Or… in the streets if I want to.

…play in the streets if I want to.


Now get out of here and go against the grain.  Fight against society.  Vote for someone you know won’t win.

Like this guy pointing his two thumbs at himself.

Make me your second place! (or first loser)

Make me your second place! (or first loser)

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Bitter Defy Guy Ben


52 thoughts on “Defiant Friday Giftures

  1. I really love The Breakfast Club. Haven’t watched it in years, though. Should probably change that.

    That girl on the sink? Yeah, I *handface*’d over that. And can I just say . . .
    The guy doing the flip in the street? Yeah, that’s an idiot move, but . . .
    That SUV didn’t even SWERVE. DIDN’T EVEN SWERVE! O.O


    • It’s funny because they talk about it in Pitch Perfect and I always wanted to go back to watching it, but never really thought about it. Now it’s the 30th anniversary and they are going to bring it back to theaters so it is getting all kinds of play again. Anyways, I’m seeing a lot of people wanting to rewatch it lately.


  2. I was JUST thinking about the Breakfast Club last night and how much I really, REALLY need to watch it again. How great is that movie? SO great. Although, most people probably love that movie, so just by loving it, I’m being more of a sheep than a rebel. *sigh* Life is hard.


    • That is the first time I’ve heard that reason. What the the thing that tipped you off?
      By the way, every year for my B-day I do a 40 reasons, 41 reasons, etc of why I’m bitter. This April, it will be 42 reasons why I’m bitter.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I can’t remember how I figured it out. But somehow I learned you were 41. I was so HAPPY. Often when I find a humor blog, the About page always says something like, “I started this blog in utero…”
        Don’t get me wrong. I LOVES the young people and it’s often funny stuff, but no one who saw ALL of John Hughes’ movies in a movie theater. Probably no one who calls it a movie THEATER.

        I look forward to the *42* reasons why you’re bitter. But by look forward, I mean, I’ll be completely bitter b/c you are still younger than I am.


        • Yes, when I go to the about pages, they almost always start with the phrase, “I’m a 20 something just writing about my random ramblings, figuring out life and my passion for writing and fashion.” It’s kind of sad, but there are a so few people with an actual purpose to their blog and to be honest very few of those blogs last.
          It will be a great bitter day when I turn 42, because there are a whole lot of things I will be bitter about that day.


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