Quote Bitterness

Quotes make me so bitter.  Let’s just admit it.  Most of the inspirational quotes we read are from dead guys.  How do we even know that they said them? It’s not like they can prove it right?  And most of them are about how we should do stuff and not let days pass by without creating or writing and sieze the day and stuff?  I am going to assume that none of them worked in a desk job.  Where are the inspiration quotes from ordinary people?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  How about bitter quotes?  I am going to start doing those.  I think people will relate more to those.  How about “Momma said Life is like a rhubarb.  Bitter and no one really knows what it is.”  There is a quote for you.  Feel free to put this one in all your quote books.  As for me, I will continue to be bitter about all those quotes from people that are rich and famous and don’t worry about money and can just say stuff to be quoted.  Here’s one more quote for you. “Arrrgghhh!”

Bitter Ben

2 thoughts on “Quote Bitterness

  1. The quote should say, “Mamma said, Life is like a rhubarb. Bitter and know one knows what to do with it.”

    Loving your bitter blog!


    • Dear Denise is Washington,
      I am very bitter that you are misquoting my misquote. Thank you so bitter much for correcting me and making me feel more bitter about quotes. One last quote for you that you can’t say I misspelled. “AAARRRRGGHHH!”

      Bitter Ben


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