Dilbert is bitter too!

Dilbert is bitter about raises and work and his boss.  Wow, we have a lot in common.  Though I think he probably makes more in a month than I make in a year.  And he isn’t even real.  This is making me so bitter.


2 thoughts on “Dilbert is bitter too!

  1. Ellen Permalink, Dilbert isn’t real, so you shouldn’t be talking to him as if he was a real person or that you love him and all that. Come on, don’t you know these things? This makes me bitter knowing that you should know bitter than that.


  2. Dilbert makes more in a month than almost all of us do in a year. It makes me bitter to know that Dilbert is in the 1% and I’m not. But if he’s bitter anyway then everything is alright. I love you, Dilbert!


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