Tuesday Bitterness

Tuesday is the most bitter day of all.  Let’s break down the meaning of Tuesday to explain why it is the most bitter of all days.  According to the internet, which is always true, in Latin, and in Greek it means day of Mars, and Mars is the God of war.   So let’s take the meanings of all the other days and compare them to the war we call Tuesday.

Sunday = obviously the day of the Sun.   Who couldn’t use more sun? Maybe the people of Phoenix, but remember there is always nighttime.  How much sun is there then?

Monday is the opposite, day of the Moon.  The moon brings out vampires, werewovles, weirdos, late night TV, Taco Bell’s fourth meal.  Not so bitter…

Tuesday = war.  Violent, depressing, angry, bitterr….

Wednesday = hump day.  Sliding down to better things.  Day of Mecury who is the God of Commerce.  Shopping. Women like shopping right? That is at least half the population that is more happy about Wednesday than Tuesday.   Certainly less bitter than the war of Tuesday.

Thursday = Thor’s Day.  The Avengers, the God of Hammer’s, you’ve seen the movie or read the comics right?  Plus it represents the day closest to Friday.  See below for the fantastic reason for not being bitter about Friday.

Friday = Free day, better known to Ben’s bitter blog readers as Pizza day.  The day of the pepperoni and cheese.  Sometimes extra, non bitter cheese.

Saturday = Saturn.  The god of agriculture and according to the God of the internet, Google, Saturn ruled over a time of prosperity. 

And really, Tuesday is the day everyone really decides to start working and then they call me and demand that I do work and that is what truly makes me bitter.  Besides when was the last time something good happened on a Tuesday? To me, never!


Bitter Ben


28 thoughts on “Tuesday Bitterness

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  2. if tues is the day of mars,does that mean we have mars bars?
    also,someone has stolen my arrows,for at least a week now.i thought maybe i hit something but apparently many people who use google chrome have this problem….i can either see the top or the bottom, but no middle…


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