Social Media bitterness

Social media makes me so bitter.  It has been said that if you aren’t on the major social media vehicles that you don’t exist.   As a bitter person, I know that I don’t exist and I don’t need some social thing telling everyone that I don’t.  I mean what happened to the old days where I could not exist only in the newspaper or not exist on television.  Another thing about these social media outlets.  They are making it so some people who have no talent are able to get in front of people’s eyeballs and show that they have no talent.  It the bitter old days they just had to live out their no talent in style, without an audience.  And now it gives me choices of watching garbage in so many other ways.  It used to be that I would waste away my summers being bored outside or in front of the television.  Now I can be bored reading some stupid article online.  I used to be able to only complain about my seemingly endless mundane life to a few close friends or bitter enemies.  Now, I have to do that and bore not only friends, but friends of a friends of friends.  Or enemies of enemies and frankly, I prefered the old way of boring people.  Word of mouth bitterness.  And one other thing.  Why does every boring article I read, or every stupid game I play have to be posted to my wall.  I am bitter about those things already and now they must let everyone else I how boring I am?  Oh and another thing.  I just want to celebrate my birthday in bitterness.  But these social media sites go and tell everyone that it is my birthday and now I am forced to acknowledge that others exist and for some reason they know it’s my birthday and they somehow “remembered”.  Social mediaaaaarrrgghhh is what it should be called.  AAARRRGGGGHHHH!


Bitter Ben


2 thoughts on “Social Media bitterness

  1. Ellen permalink,
    No thank you for your comment on the radio. Let just say that the radio is not a social media, because that would require that someone be able to answer back, since for the most part I can’t call a radio station and comment, I call that a non social media. Radio should be glad that it has fallen from grace as a medium because it isn’t bitter enough anymore. The next new medium will be bitterness. The air waves will be filled with the sounds of bitterness.


  2. I am amazed and bitterly appalled that you neglected mention not existing on the radio! Even though radio as part of media is being phased out they can join and contribute Ben’s Bitter Blog and themselved be bitter by seeing how far the radio industry has fallen


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