Vacation bitterness

You may have noticed that I wasn’t blogging last week.  It’s because I was on vacation.  So just so you know, vacations make me so bitter.  For instance, I plan and I plan for months and months to go to Hawaii.  And by plan, I mean my wife tells me when we will go and buys our airline tickets and car reservations and tells me to do the hard part.  Schedule the vacation with work.  That involves all kinds of things like sending an email to my manager to set it up.  Then I have to email my wife and let her know that the vacation is a go.  So many steps!  How am I supposed to keep track of both of these steps?  I mean why do vacations have to be so much work? Then there is the whole time you are on vacation.  Let’s go to Hawaii for a moment.  Let’s say it is Wednesday and you have got to Hawaii and you are all relaxed and then you realize that your vacation is half over.  Talk about bitterness.  All of a sudden you can’t concentrate on the rest of your vacation and then it’s not relaxing at all.  So you decide that you have to run around the rest of the vacation to make up for all the time you spent relaxing by doing something fun, so you go to some stupid touristy attraction and realize that it was stupid and you would have rather just stayed at home relaxing by the pool. Then you become all stressed and by Sunday you have to come home, just so you can get back to work on time and you are worried about work the next day.  Then of course, you have to go back to a bunch of work that your co-workers left for you, that they “couldn’t get to”.  Let’s go to another type of vacation.  Let’s say you just decided to stay home.  They are not as exciting, but let’s go with more relaxing, because you decide not to do anything.   You start the week relaxed because you don’t have to work.  But then you need to do some errands and you start thinking that you can do things during the day that you normally couldn’t do like doctors, getting car fixed and by the time your vacation is done, it just feels like work in a different place.  Work stop making me so bitter.  Vacations also stop making me bitter.  AAARRRGGGHHH!

Bitter Ben


2 thoughts on “Vacation bitterness

  1. Ellen permalink,
    Vacations are a serious thing you are not taking seriously. And by serious, I mean you seriously need to stop being so jealous that I had a vacation and seriously need to make sure I have more so I can be bitter about them as you are at work and being all jealous. Just remember that bitter overrules jealousy and all other things.


  2. This makes me bitter, too. And it really makes me bitter when you talk about your vacations, especially when their bitter and I don’t get any. Ha! What if when you left for your Hawaii vacation the plane crashed. Of course you might be bitter about that, but at least you wouldn’t be wasting 1/2 your vacation. And a stay at home vacation? You can’t be bitter about that – at least you get to have one. And your errands? There are people who don’t ever get to run errands. I’d be bitter if I didn’t have errands if I were you. You just don’t know how much you have to bitter about!


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