Los Angeles Laker Bitterness

The Lakers make me so bitter.  There is a reason why the Lakers are the team that people love to hate.  As much as I can’t stand Kobe Bryant for his arrogance and his pure dislike of other people that stand in his way of total domination, that isn’t it.   As any sports fan knows the Lakers have a great tradition of winning, by bypassing the regular means of winning.  The best way to build a winner is slowly by obtaining a star or two and building pieces around them.  Building loyalty and chemistry and having not only a winning team, but a team that the fans enjoy watching.  Of course the teams like that don’t always win in the end, but they and their loyal fans feel a connection and feel the pain and bitterness of losing when they lose and the pure joy when the triumph. The Lakers that are built with piles of money and a foundation of winning at all costs, no matter who they hurt on the way up.  This is why people love to hate the Lakers, because they represent the 1%’s. They want all the money and all the fame and all the accolades and don’t want to deal with any of the feelings of people that they tromp on.  They walk around with their smug arrogant swagger like they own the NBA and they win on last second shots, and they celebrate with their trophies, but they stomp on their competition, but when someone beats them they pretend it was their bad day or it was an injury or their management gave away a player or their trainer didn’t tape their ankle up correctly.  Oh, and when they stomp on a team, say the Spurs who had a nice 11 game winning streak and a winning chemistry and well on their way to having a sucessful season until their played the stinkin Lakers and get beat by 20 some at home by some stupid petulant center that does what he wants and a dude who goes by the name Metta World Peace, who started the league’s most infamous brawl, and some scraggly headed Spainaird, with Kobe sitting on the bench, it complete unravels everything that the dream season was doing.  Now the Spurs are doubting themselves and trying to figure out how they just got stomped on their homecourt so handily.  Thanks a lot Lakers and your 1% attitude.  You make me so bitter.


Bitter Ben


2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Laker Bitterness

  1. Ellen permalink,
    You should be bitter as you are a consistent follower of the blog. However that means I am allowed to be bitter back and that I get to tell you that I don’t care that you think this is a male oriented blog. When in fact, this blog is bitter about everything not just men stuff. Rest assured that you comments are heard and ignored to the bitter end.


  2. I’m so bitter! First it’s this male oriented blog here – don’t you know you’re suppoed to be PC all the time now? Oh, so bitter – and bitter at you as well as your writing. Then you move on to emphasixe that none of your readers are in the bitterly held 1%. AAaaarrggh! I can’t even to that as bit as you….


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