Trees bitterness

Trees make me so bitter.  I drive to work and I am trying to see places, you know, like ahead of me.  All I can see are trees, green, prickly, triangle shaped trees.  Then there all all these ones just standing there that don’t even have leaves.  Why do they have to be in my way?  And another thing, I like electricity.  Most people nowadays do.  So why is it that any time we get a tiny wind, trees have to break off their precious branches and land on power lines, thus depriving me of electricity!  How else am I supposed to avoid talking to people! Trees need to stop making me so bitter!


2 thoughts on “Trees bitterness

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  2. Oh my goodness, all this typing just to leave a comment, has made me very bitter. I find that my coffee, in the morning, without sugar, is very bitter. I guess thats another kind of bitter. I digressed.

    I’m bitter about being bitter. I better get back to work, or I’ll be really bitter about being unemployed.

    I may be bitter
    But, I’m no quitter

    So, Ill be the best bitter, no quiter
    This side this side of the Mississippi River

    I’m bitter that this didn’t ryhme.


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