Daylight Savings time bitterness

Daylight savings time makes me so bitter.  First of all, who decided that it was necessary to add or subtract an hour in March and October?  Or is it November? And who is the person in charge of deciding when it happens?  Is it the Mayans or the President of Time Management? Stop stealing time from me, Daylight Savings time!  I was robbed of an hour this weekend to play video games and you’re telling me that it will be made up to me in October?  What if I don’t want it then?  Who do you think you are making decisions for me?  And not to mention I have to change all my clocks.  Do you know how many clocks I have? Like, 5 or six!  That is a lot of work for me!  And when I forget one, I am reminded that instead waking up at 5 o’clock, it is actually 4 o’clock.  You make me so bitter, Daylight Savings time.  Aaaarrgggh!

4 thoughts on “Daylight Savings time bitterness

  1. I am enjoying your bitter comments. It will likely make you feel more bitter to find out, that in fact, we do not have Daylight Savings Time here.


    • Dear Mo,
      I am sorry to hear you enjoying my bitter comments. Daylight savings time is a bitter time for me. I am bitter that Arizona decides to forgo it, because I want them to be bitter like me. I hope the sun bakes you with a thousand bitter degrees and then crushes you into bitter dust particles, thus multipying the cells that you have and causing each one of them to be spread and infect other particles in the air with the bitterness of all creatures on this earth. Have a bitter day!
      Bitter Ben


  2. I’m feeling really bitter today so I decided to come and visit your bitter blog to relieve some frustration.
    I feel the same, pretty bitter about this freakin Daylight savings, makes no sense! I think that if they decide to take time from us, they should have us take the following Monday off to recover, that way we don’t have to come to work and deal with other peoples bitter attitudes because they didn’t get enough rest due to this dang daylight savings! I don’t need any more time taken from my day, our weekends are short enough! 


    • Hey Bitter Blogger replyer,
      Thanks for you bitterness this morning. Mondays are an especially bitter day for me as well. If it wasn’t for the other days, Monday and Daylight Savings time would be among the most bitter of all days. My advice to you is to continue the eternal cycle of bitterness and never let it stop. A bitter Monday to you!


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