Pizza Bitterness

Why does it cost so much?



For the longest time, I ordered stuffed crust pizza, because only the bitterest of people like me, don’t like cheese in the crust of their pizza.  That and people that don’t like calories or whatever.  Then like 4 years later, I realized that they give you the thin crust pizza.  That makes me so bitter!  Can’t they just do the thicker crust with the stuffed crust? Then they charge you for delivery and taxes and they advertise that they only charge $10 any topping, any crust, but if you get stuffed crust they charge you more!  Then on top of that they want you to pay them a tip.  And if you don’t the pizza guy will spit in your pizza!  And then the local people say they can’t honor the $10 price because the minimum wage is higher in this state! So now a pizza that should cost $10 is $18!  And I can’t skip having pizza on Friday!  That would just cause more bitterness!  AAARGGHHH!  By the way, feel free to post any bitterness you have to.  But it will just make me more bitter.

5 thoughts on “Pizza Bitterness

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  2. After reading your blog for a whole half hour, I’m still unsure of whether you’re ARRGGHHHing is because you’re bitter, or because you’re trying to be a pirate. I’m guessing pirate. Pirates aren’t bitter, they like rum and jigs and sea shanties too much.


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