Baby Bitterness

Yeah I know.  We are all bitter about babies.  You know the crying, the spitting up, the pooping.  There is universal bitterness about that.  But my bitterness about babies is this. Why do we baby them?  I mean just because they are a little “young”, they don’t think they should have to contribute around the house.  I mean would it kill them to pick up after themselves, throw a diaper away, or shower themselves.  And why do they get to stay up late when I don’t get to?  And why do they get to nap during the day when I don’t get to.  I mean it’s not like they bring in any money or anything.   I mean get a job for goodness sakes.   They think just because they have new skin that’s all wrinkly that they should get all the attention.  This is why society is so messed up.  We cater too much to these babies that don’t do anything.  And they are so happy all the time.  I mean where do you think the expression came from? “Quit being such a baby.” I agree.  Quit being babies and grow up!  AARRRRGGHHH!  Q

Your Bitter Comments

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