Traffic Bitterness

Don’t get me started on how bitter I am about traffic.  Too late.  I only have one problem with traffic.  Others.  If I was the only one on the road I would make it to work in 20 minutes and I could text people without being told I was doing something bad.  On the way home, I could watch my Ipod movies in peace.  I am tired of other people honking and giving me dirty looks just because I veer into their lane or drift off to sleep at a stoplight.  I mean, I got up early, when am I supposed to nap, at home?  And when it snows, why does everyone have to park their cars in the ditch?  Where am I supposed to throw my garbage with people taking up all the ditchspace?  And when people do spin out, why can’t they get it recorded and posted on YouTube?  It makes me bitter that there is not more footage of people crashing into snow plows and doing 360’s into ditches! And the construction workers make me bitter.  Don’t they know that we can see that we are moving slow?  Why do they need to hold up a sign tell us that we are?  Don’t get me started on the driving in the sun.  People think they need to drive all slow because the conditions are so harsh.  Look, I get it.  It’s bright and it’s hot, so you need to slow down.  Make way for the people that have grown up with the sun around.  It’s not me, it’s you!  Stop making me so bitter!


Bitter Ben


7 thoughts on “Traffic Bitterness

  1. Ben I could not agree more. The biggest problem with the entire earth is its inhabitants. My wife asked me while we were watching that will smith movie. If I were the last human being on earth, What kind of stuff what I do.

    My answer blew her away. She thought i would outline how i would survive. NO no no. I explained to her that i would go all over the country just destroying shit for the fun of it. I guess i would become a property terrorist.


  2. Were you that guy that fell asleep in the ditch on top of the garbage near the construction site? I was going to text someone while I was driving to tell them about it but I got too distracted by the beautiful Seattle sunshine so I stopped in the middle of the road to enjoy it for a bit.


    • Dear Aerrell,
      You seem to have a lot of r’s and l’s in your name. That seems very confusing. The answer to your question is 5. Please see my post on letters. Oh wait, I never posted anything on numbers. Because I never finished it. AAARGH that makes me so bitter!


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