Box bitterness

Boxes make me so bitter.  Boxes like to mock you with their perfectly straight lines and they square or rectangle looking shapes.  For a word that is used to be thinking outside of boxes sure aren’t very creative.  They always seem to have the same few shapes.  How about a box that is shaped like a circle or a rhumbus or circulanimbus cloud?  Stop making me so bitter and not being flexible boxes!  Apparantly Volvo’s like you so much that they decided to name the shape of their cars after you, but I won’t be fooled box.  Also, why is is that something so negative like being trapped is named after you?  And you made a fantastically interesting game called Metal Gear so boooring.  I mean, who crawls around in a box!  And you store such interesting things inside you like old shoes and clothes that I will never wear.  Stop making me so bitter about you boxes.  It almost makes me want to have a cat, just so I can poke a hole in you.  What do you think about that box?  And by the way, this computer that I am typing this on came from a box.  I was totally trapped into uselessness until I rescued it from you.  Stop trapping people box!  And stop making me so bitter!

Bitter Ben

Don't think outside this thing. Just stay away from it completely.


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